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Think about what it would feel like to have your closest friends and family reject you. Thank Jesus for enduring rejection so you wouldn’t have to.

Earlier last month, you studied Simeon’s blessing of Jesus 40 days after His birth. Simeon had proclaimed that many people would reject Jesus, and we’ve now reached the point in Jesus’ ministry when that prediction began to be fulfilled. Read Luke 4:20-30 in your Bible.

After Jesus used the Isaiah passage to publicly declare He was the Messiah, the people who had watched Him grow up sat there in silence, amazed. Who did Jesus think He was?

Reread Luke 4:23-30. Jesus knew that the people were doubtful of His claims and wanted proof of His divine power. They knew He had performed miracles in Capernaum and wanted Him to do the same in Nazareth.

When have you wanted proof that Jesus was at work in a situation rather than trusting Him? Explain.

He also said,

“I assure you: No prophet is accepted in his hometown.” —Luke 4:28-30

Answer these questions

How did Jesus respond to the peoples’ desire for Him to perform on command?

Jesus performed miracles at God’s leading and according to God’s purposes, not because people demanded them. Jesus was interested in people who had faith in Him rather than what He could do for them. In response to the peoples’ desire, Jesus began listing Old Testament prophets who had to go far away, even outside of Israel, to find people of faith.

Why would this have enraged the people? Explain.

Look at verse 40. Despite the peoples’ fury and rejection, Jesus remained focused on God’s plan and purpose for His life. How can we remain focused on Jesus and His gospel in a world that rejects Him?


What are some specific steps you can take to remain focused on your purpose and ministry, even when the world around you rejects Jesus? List two in your journal.

If someone rejects the gospel when you share your faith, don’t take it as a personal failure. You have been faithful to share the hope you have and you are not held accountable for the person’s response. Who will you be bold enough to share with this week, even if it means enduring rejection?

For further study of rejection, read John 15:18-25.

Behind the Story

Although Luke placed this event first in Jesus’ public ministry, scholars doubt it was first chronologically. It is clear that Jesus had already been engaged in a ministry of preaching and healing, which explains the reference to His miracles in Capernaum. The invitation to read and comment on the Scripture in the synagogue was not an honor that was given lightly—and Jesus would have more likely been afforded it after He had established Himself as a religious teacher.

The Point

We live in a world that rejects Jesus daily. We must remain focused on the gospel.

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