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Set aside distractions, such as electronic devices, and ask God to help your heart completely focus on Him during this time.

Take a moment to ponder the idea of purity. What kinds of things might you describe as being pure? What colors would you use to symbolize purity in a drawing? Record your response.

Read Matthew 5:8 in your Bible and underline the word pure when you read it.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”

—Matthew 5:8

Ponder these questions:

Based on your understanding of purity, what does it mean to say that someone is pure in heart? Explain.

Purity means that something is undiluted, uncontaminated, and clean. Pure gold is 100 percent gold. So, to be pure in heart means that your heart is 100 percent focused on Jesus and His ways.

Are people naturally pure in heart? If not, how does someone become pure in heart? Explain.

None of us are naturally pure in heart. Our sinful flesh craves sin. But if we are believers, we have an inner desire for purity and holiness in our lives because the Holy Spirit lives in us. Christians recognize that they belong to God and single-mindedly pursue Him. Those who pursue God and His ways will experience His favor.


Examine your heart. What sin have you allowed to make it impure? What have you allowed into your life that takes your attention and affection away from God? Confess and repent of these things.

In your journal, list situations or temptations distract you from following Jesus with an undivided focus. Jot down ways you will choose to live for God when faced with those situations. Ask God to open your eyes to the way out of temptation He will provide.

For further study, read Psalm 51, focusing on verse 10. Notice who cleans the heart and purifies guilt. Read this psalm as a prayer, asking God to purify your heart.

Behind the Story

Another word for pure is clean. In Matthew 5:8 it is used to denote a cleanness of heart and describes the absence of dirt and grime from one’s life. We cannot achieve this kind of purity through our own effort; it only happens through the forgiveness of Christ. Only those who have experienced that forgiveness will be able to enter heaven and see God. Who in your life needs to hear about the forgiveness only Jesus can give?

The Point

Kingdom citizens have a single-minded focus on God and His way, removing anything that could corrupt or distract them from following Christ.

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