Coffee and Convo with (Mary) Elise Moffatt

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Thanks for tuning in this week on another blogisode of “Coffee and Convo.” Today’s guest speaker comes all the way from Kennesaw, GA. She can casually do backflips, runs 100 miles a day, and has the most joyful energy out of anyone I know. Her wisdom and life-giving personality makes anyone who gets the wonderful chance to meet Elise Moffatt drawn to her. She is a true woman of the Lord and I’m so happy I get the chance to call her my friend roomie. GIVE IT UP FOR ELISE MOFFATT *air horn noises*!!


Me: Elise, what gets you the most excited about camp?

Elise: JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! AND MORE JESUS! I just love him. He is just so great and camp gives such a beautiful opportunity for people to hear his name and share his love with others.

Me: What is your favorite Singspiration song?

Elise: Jesus, you are my best friend! It is such a true song, it’s so worshipful. There is a lot of jumping moments and I love going crazy during it.

Me: What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?

Elise: What Becky wrote at the beginning of this blog, is one of the nicest things anyone has done for me haha. Also honestly, during staff banquet, all of my Chickasaw counselors got me a gift that was all of my favorite things and it really showed me how much they knew and appreciated me. I was blown away by it!

Me: Well it is all truth Elise! Anyways, what is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

Elise: Follow Jesus (forever and ever), go to camp, grow a garden, and floss their teeth, but just once.

Me: What is your favorite Bible story?

Elise: I love all of them truly. Right now, Matthew 8 really resinates with me, where Jesus calms the storm and He asks His disciples ‘Ye of little faith, why are you afraid?’ It’s a cool example of life and how we try to manage the storms of life on our own instead of just trusting the Lord.

Me: If you could either be a duck or an owl, which would you be?

Becky: A duck. Ducks are more family oriented and they have more of a community than owls do. I’m not an expert on either, but that’s probably why I would want to be a duck.

Me: If you were invisible, where would you go?

Elise: I don’t know! I don’t want to be a sneaky person! BUT, if it caused me to not have to pay for things, then I would hop on a plane and go to New Zealand and visit all the cool places, then go to Europe and hangout at all those cool places, then I would go to Africa so I could ride an elephant, and THEN I would go to Disney World and ride all the rides and rollercoasters, and then fly back to Ridgecrest and raid canteen, and then head over to Crestridge and raid the store (man I am setting such a bad example). At that point I’d be tired of being invisible but I would’ve saved a lot of money, but I would miss my friends so I’d go back to being visible.

Me: If you were forced to open a bakery, what would you name it?

Elise: Bakes R Us, or Go nuts, for donuts!, or We bake things, or THE BAKERY: the place where yummy things are made, or Risk it for the Biscuit. That’s all I got.

Me: What skill would you like to master?

Elise: I would like to be able to play the guitar really well, or be able to ride a unicycle, or throw a football properly haha. Yodeling is cool too, I really wish I could do it. Also impersonations of people are funny! And be able to paint things that are pretty. There’s a lot of things I’d like to do, but yodeling is definitely number one!

Me: If you could pick a slogan for your life, what would it be?

Elise: Pray about it more than you think about it.

Me: Solid.


Thanks for tuning in to another Coffee and Convo! Stay tuned for next week where we get to have a whole interview with the one and only Scout! If only he would return my calls… ANYWAYS! Take care, comb your hair and have a wiggity wack weekend.

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