A Real Response

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Pause for a minute and focus your thoughts on God. Thank Him for the redemption you have through Christ.

“And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.” —Matthew 25:46

Read Matthew 25:31-46 in your Bible.

Look back over what you read and, using the list below as a guide, circle the loving actions the sheep carried out compared to the goats.

Loving Actions:

Gave the least something to eat

Gave the least something to drink

Took in strangers

Clothed the naked

Cared for the sick

Visited prisoners

The sheep in this passage represent the righteous, those who will spend eternity with God. The goats represent those who reject Jesus and will spend eternity separated from Him.

According to verses 37-39, how should Christ-followers serve Him? Jot down a few ideas in your journal.


Believers are called to care for others as if they are caring for Jesus.

Consider this—Are you a sheep or a goat? Why? Take a minute to examine your actions, thoughts, and words. Do they honor Christ? Confess any struggles to God and ask Him to help you live in a way that is pleasing to Him.

What can you commit to today to develop an authentic relationship with Jesus? Journal a few ideas and share them with your camp counselor or another mature Christian mentor.

Behind the Story

A common practice of Palestinian shepherds was separating sheep from goats. The flocks would oftentimes be combined, and all look alike from afar. However, a point would come when they would need to be separated. Sheep, which were distinct because of their wool, were more valuable and would be divided from the goats.

The Point

True followers of Christ will reveal their devotion through their actions.

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    1. Once we get the majority of people hired we will put them on the page! Excited to see you next summer Honora!

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