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Think of a time when you felt like your life was completely out of control. Now, remember how God brought you through that time. Thank Him for His faithfulness.

Read Matthew 26:52-56 in your Bible.

“’But all this has happened so that the prophetic Scriptures would be fulfilled.’ Then all the disciples deserted Him and ran away.” —Matthew 26:56

Ask yourself:
• Why didn’t Jesus try to stop the events leading toward His death (v. 53-54) Explain.
• Jesus knew what was about to happen to Him and didn’t fight the arrest. What does this indicate about Jesus’ understanding of the Father’s plan? His trust in His Father? His love for you and me?

Read John 18:1-11 in your Bible. Think through the following:
• In what ways did Jesus immediately take control of the situation?
• What was “the cup” Jesus referred to in verse 11? Explain.
• Compare the two passages from today’s devotion. List Jesus’ words and actions that indicate His willingness to fulfill His Father’s plan.


• As you go through your day, consider this: Jesus knew He would be arrested as part of His Father’s plan, yet He didn’t fight it. Would I be willing to be arrested for living out my faith?
• Jesus followed His Father’s plan completely and willingly. Examine your own life and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you check your heart. Do you obey God no matter the cost? Honestly talk with God about any struggles you may have when it comes to following His plan.
• In what way are you like Peter, fighting against God’s difficult and painful plan? Ask God for strength to help you respond to difficult situations in a way that honors Him.


Throughout Judas’ betrayal and Jesus’ arrest, Jesus displayed an understanding of the coming events—what would happen if He allowed them to arrest Him. Jesus didn’t hide from the soldiers and religious leaders; instead they found Him in a place He frequented. Jesus also foreshadowed His sacrifice by stepping in front of His disciples and ensuring they were released. Some Bible scholars suggest that this action was a picture of His sacrificial death to pay the penalty for their sin and ours.


Despite the torment ahead of Him, Jesus obediently followed through with His Father’s plan.

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