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Gather your Bible, a pen, and your journal. Silence your phone and find a quiet place. Sit down, take a deep breath, and ask God to help you focus on what you read in His Word today.

“But Jesus let out a loud cry and breathed His last.” —Mark 15:37

Read Mark 15:21-37 in your Bible. Consider this:
• List the details (who carried the cross, where was He crucified, etc.) Mark recorded about Jesus’ crucifixion.
• According to verse 27, describe the types of people typically sentenced to death by crucifixion.
• Look closely at verses 26, 29-30. What’s so ironic about the “crime” Jesus was charged with? What about the people’s mocking and questioning why Jesus couldn’t save Himself?
• Reread verses 30-32. Underline the phrase “He saved others; He cannot save Himself!” Consider the statement in light of what you know about Jesus. Did Jesus have the power to save Himself? Why do you think He remained on the cross? Explain your answer.

Jesus’ words in verse 34 expressed His humanity and revealed what He knew to be true—in the end God would triumph over evil. By choosing to save you and me, Jesus chose not to save Himself. His choice to remain on the cross provided all people the only means to live free from sin if they trust Him as Savior.


Jesus endured separation from God for a time, as He became sin, in order to offer us freedom from and forgiveness for our sins.

• When did the significance of Jesus’ death on the cross make a difference in your life? Journal about your experience.
• If you haven’t accepted Christ’s forgiveness, talk to your parents, your camp counselor, or your Trailstones leader. If you have already trusted Jesus as Savior, thank Him for staying on the cross and dying to pay for your sins.
• For further study on the Jesus’ final words, read Psalm 22.


Jesus’ death took place during Passover. At the first Passover, three days of darkness preceded the death of all firstborn in Egypt whose door frames were not covered by the blood of the sacrificial lamb (Ex. 10:20-23; 12). When Jesus died, darkness once again covered the land. This time, the blood of the Sacrificial Lamb was shed for all who would receive His gift as payment for their sin.


Jesus’ death secured forgiveness from sin for any who choose to receive His gift of salvation.

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