Redeeming Sacrifice

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Listen to Hillsong Chapel’s song “A Beautiful Exchange” (Forever Reign Live, 2012). Meditate on what it means that Christ carried the blame for your sins.

“For you know that you were redeemed
from your empty way of life inherited
from the fathers, not with perishable
things like silver or gold, but with the
precious blood of Christ, like that of a
lamb without defect or blemish.”
—1 Peter 1:18-19

Redemption requires one person paying a price to ensure another’s freedom or release. Redemption breaks bonds of oppression and slavery to sin. In this verse, we see that we were purchased or released from slavery to sin into a living hope in salvation through Jesus Christ.

Read 1 Peter 1:18-19 in your Bible and consider the following:

• Reflect on the definition of redemption italicized above. Explain the term in your own words. The Jews would recognize the concept of redemption in God’s deliverance of His people out of Egypt. For us, it is the picture of a person who was enslaved to sin and set free by Christ’s death on the cross.
• Why is it so important to realize that we were enslaved to sin and in need of being set free? Explain.
• Peter described life without Christ as “empty” (v. 18). List some things people often try to fill that emptiness with.


We can only experience redemption because of the blood of Christ. He was the perfect sacrifice because He lived His whole life without sin. The gospel—the way Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection unfolded—was always God’s plan for bringing redemption to us.

• In your journal, jot down the story of how you came to know Jesus. Practice sharing your story with a parent or friend. If you have not yet trusted Jesus as Savior, talk to your parents, a trusted member of your church, or your Trailstones leader for more information.
• In your journal, list two people you know who need to hear the gospel message. Commit to sharing your story with them.
• For further study on Christ’s redemption, read Romans 5:6-11.


During the time of Peter’s writing, Christians faced fierce persecution. It was much easier to renounce Christ and live in relative safety than to remain faithful to Him and risk everything. Peter reminded the believers that this world would be a temporary residence and heaven would be their eternal home. He urged them to remain faithful in the face of difficult circumstances because Christ claimed the victory and redeemed them through His death on the cross.


God offers permanent redemption for His people through Jesus’ sacrifice.

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