Concrete, Concrete and more Concrete!

Posted by Karah

The cabins are definitely coming along fast.  This morning the concrete truck arrived once again.  The columns have been finished on all the cabins and now it’s time to have more concrete poured into them.  We’re adding as much stability as possible because we know all the crazy antics that go on inside the cabins!  Here you can see the concete being poured into the Chipp/Chick cabin:

And here’s what it looks like on the other two hills:

Next week, the framing of the cabins should begin.  I wish everyone could be here to see it happening in person.  Since that isn’t the case though, keep checking back for updates.  We’re doing our best here at camp to document as much as possible!

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Construction Update #3: Footers and Columns

Posted by Sharon

The ground has been cleared, footer holes dug and now in goes the concrete. Below are pictures of the staff cabin on Chipp/Chick hill with finished footers poured!                      

After seeing how well things were going at this cabin, we walked on over to Cheyenne/Choctaw hill to see if we could witness the concrete actually being poured.  We were in luck, and the construction crew even let Sharon get in on the action!  Here is Sharon’s ready stance:


          Wait for it…here comes the concrete:  


Good job Sharon!  Now she can add construction work to the list of her many talents!

Columns have also begun to pop up.  Only one cabin has them so far, but by the end of the week, weather permitting, all of the block columns should be in place.  Here is a picture of the staff cabin with a few columns.


          Abby got a closer look for inspection.


I hope you’re as excited as we are to see the progress.  Keep checking back to see all the action!

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