Hey from your 2015 Village Directors!

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Campers!!! You know when Christmas is over and you’re just missin camp a bit and wishing and hopin for a little note from someone you love from camp?! Well, your Village Directors have been missin you too and wanted to say hey!


Hey Chips! I miss you all SO much and hope you are all having a fantastic year at school. Make a new friend and convince her to come to camp with you this summer! Stay warm in this chilly weather and try to convince your parents to let you roast s’more over a fire (: Then, start counting down the days until you can go on the zipline and blob again; it’ll be here before you know it. I love each of you very much and am praying for ya!

Joyfully, Lexi Kuck


Hey sweet Chickasaws, I hope y’all are doing so well & have had a school year full of Gods joy & perseverance to do your best! My pray for you all as school is half way done and you can see summer SOON approaching, is you continue to wait on the Lord, find your courage in Him and He will give you strength! Big hugs to all you sweet Chicks!!

In Him, Sara Hunt


Hey my little creeks!!!!!!!! I miss you all so much and can’t wait to see each and every one of you back at camp this next summer hopefully!!!! Y’all made my summer so wonderful and I am so grateful for all of you!!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with endless pancakes and happiness like at Crestridge!! Yay!!!!!! See you soon!! Creeky creeky- SPLISH SPLASH

Love, Sarah Story


Hey Cheyennes! Your counselors and I miss you so much and hope you are staying warm in these winter months! I hope you have the chance to think back over our time at camp, but don’t forget that you can seek out the ways of Christ at home too!

Love, Caroline and your counselors


Hey all you Catawbas!!! (aka catawBAES)
Man oh man do I miss you guys- and I know your counselors do too! I had the best summer getting to know each of your hearts and growing along side you as we learned about The Lord together. You each hold such a special place in my heart and I think about how stellar this past summer was ALL the time (especially when I’m trying to do homework haha). Praying that you are all having an awesome year at school and applying all you learned at camp, at home. I can’t wait to give each of you the biggest hug this coming summer when I see you getting off that bus!

With all my heart, Haylee


Hey Choctaws!! Thanks for letting me spend the summer with you. You were all so much fun to hang with, and I miss village activities and catching you take 20 apples from the dining hall and seeing you blob your friends and cheer louder than the other villages. Remember that one time that… well, that’s only for Choctaw eyes, and you never know who will see these things. But think about the good times we had and all the things we learned about God, life, and love. Keep those things wrapped up tightly in your heart, but don’t be afraid to share them as well. I love you and miss you with a “Choctaw sleepover” kind of crazy love, but that love doesn’t match God’s love for you, so I’ll let Him love you and hang with you. Hope to see you summer 2k16! From the East to the West, you’re still the best.

Love, Rachel


Hey sweet Cherokees! I don’t know about y’all but it is pretty cold right about now. I’m daydreaming of those times on the ridge by the fire when we would be singing songs and sharing in God’s word and it’s keeping me pretty warm! Don’t forget to seek God’s truth each day and be a light to those around you. Miss you all dearly!

Love, Meredith #Geredith 😉



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