Retro Friday: Cherokee 1

Posted by Sharon

The cabin that is now Cherokee 25 has gone through a few changes in it’s time.  In our post last week, the aerial view showed that there was only one cabin built on Cherokee Hill at the beginning.  Technically, it wasn’t called Cherokee Hill then.  That cabin started out as Arvine Bell’s living quarters and the Staff Lounge.  The original cabin had a wall separating where Arvine lived from the Staff Lounge.  It also had a fireplace.  When they decided to build the Cherokee cabins, that cabin became Cherokee 1.  Arvine had to move down to the cabin that is now where the SALT girls live.  The Staff Lounge was moved to what was most recently the store.

In this picture, it looks like they are having cabin devotions just before bed and they have a fire in the fireplace.  How great would that be to have a fireplace in your cabin!  Although it would be great, it probably is not too safe.  They decided to take the fireplace out.  In 2009, Cherokee 1 was changed to Cherokee 25 since we added 5 new cabins.  By 2010, we were able to renovate all of our cabins.  Cherokee 25 is now all open with 2 bathrooms and 2 showers.

Our new store will have the Museum on the top floor.  You will be able to find lots of great information about camp and its history!

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Remembering the Past

Posted by Sharon

As you may know, our beloved Store was recently taken down in order to build a bigger, better Store.  Most of us aren’t aware of what the Store once was.  After digging through old pictures, I found one that reveals its history.

The Store used to be the Staff Lounge back in the day.  This picture was taken in the 1960’s.  It used to be an open room with furniture, books, and the signature pay phone.  According to Anja Cleveland, if a staffer wanted to make a phone call, they had to wait in line and everyone would end up hearing their conversation.   Campers were rarely allowed inside.  As a camper, Rhonda Smith went in only once and that was to give her counselor a perm!

At that time, the clothing was sold in a small building behind the Dining Hall called “The Beehive”.  The small building was where the Crafts building is now.

After the Staff Lounge was moved, it turned into the Store; a place where we currently give out candy and drinks and sell camp clothing.  The Store had a more official name which was “Crestridge Cupboard”.

Before we tore down the Store, we wanted to take out anything salvageable.  This was the last picture taken of the Store.

That building held a lot of memories!  We were sad to see it go, but just wait until you see what is taking its place!  Check back soon to see pictures of the progress.

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