Experiencing Asheville and its Surroundings

Posted on November 6, 2009 by Sharon

Each session, our villages have the opportunity to take a trip out of camp.  We’d love to show you just a few places they visited this summer.

Some that you did not see in the video include whitewater rafting on the Nantahala, tubing down Deep Creek, Sliding Rock, painting pottery, WNC Nature Center, ice skating, Upper and Lower Creek Falls, and more.  It’s always a fun and exciting time at Camp Crestridge!

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Chips/Chicks…Check, Cherokees…Check

Posted on November 5, 2009 by Sharon

I’ll tell you what, those construction workers are fast!  They have now finished the first phase on Cherokee Hill and started with the Choctaw Hill.  It was quite a sight to see all four cabins with no roofs and no bathrooms.  Again, it was confirmation that they really needed some work done!

No roofs Inside Cherokee 25Inside Cherokee 25-Back

Cherokee 24 Cherokee 25 Cherokee 25-New Roof

Cherokee 24 Cherokee 23 Cherokee 24

They are now on Choctaw Hill removing the old roofs, the back walls, and the bathrooms.  I’ll post pictures soon.  I hope you all are enjoying the fall season.  Can’t believe it’s already November, but we are looking forward to the holidays!

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And the winners are…

Posted on November 3, 2009 by Sharon

The 2009 Photo Contest has ended and the winners have been decided!  Thank you to all those who participated and sent in photos from the past summer.  Let me introduce the winners:

Our first category is “Best Picture in your Cabin”.  The winner is Grace Valentine from Choctaw 14!

Best Picture in Cabin-Grace Valentine

The second category is “Best Picture out in Camp”.  The winner is Hilary Armstrong from Cherokee 22!

Best Pic out in Camp-Hilary Armstrong

Congratulations to the winners!  Each will receive a free camp t-shirt of their choice.  Here are a few honorable mentions:

Grace BiglarEmily SarverGrace Valentine

More updates on construction and videos from the summer to follow.  Check back soon!

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He is The Savior

Posted on November 2, 2009 by Melissa

HAVE YOU EVER felt trapped by something? A situation, a lie, an invitation, a mess, a sin?
At one time or another, most of us have felt trapped by something in our lives. We know that as hard as we try, there’s no way we can get out of it ourselves. We know that as bad as it hurts, there’s nothing we can do. We know that we’re powerless, broken, and tired. That’s when we need to turn to the One who has the power and authority to handle the problem.

Read through Luke 5:17-26 and think about how you’d have reacted if you’d been present in verse 25.
What do verses 20 and 24 say about the authority of Christ?
What did the paralyzed man do after being healed?
Why is it important that Luke recorded Jesus forgiving the man’s sins and healing him?
What was Jesus’ response to the scribes and Pharisees’ reaction to His miracle?

When Jesus saw the paralyzed man and simply said “Your sins are forgiven,” He undoubtedly shocked the scribes and Pharisees. They would have quickly realized that Jesus was claiming He could do things only God had the authority to do. How could He forgive the sins of someone if He was merely a man?

Jesus wanted everyone to understand that He was no mere man. He was the Son of God with the power to rescue people from the bondage of sin and heal them. He still has the power to do that today. We just have to let Him have authority in our lives and trust Him for salvation. And that’s something to celebrate!

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