Crestridge Singspiration

Posted by Sharon

Singspiration is something that is unique to Crestridge.  It’s basically a big dance party with all of camp only to songs that have been used throughout the history of Crestridge.  Most of the songs we sing are from the mid-90’s until now.  We sing songs, dance to them, share favorite Bible verses, and others may perform a song they may have written or they really like.  We have Singspiration every Sunday night and it’s a favorite!

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Put Your Faith Into Action

Posted by Melissa

2 square at CampWHEN WAS THE LAST TIME you told someone you loved him or her? Did your actions demonstrate your love? What was the evidence of that love in your life?

Let’s really get to the heart of the matter: when was the last time you told someone you were a Christian? Was there evidence in your life to prove it?

Read James 2:14-17. Look closely at verse 14.

What question did James ask in verse 14?

What does that question mean? If he were asking you, how would you answer?

Read verses 15 and 16. What question was James asking in these verses?

How would you respond if you saw a person who was hungry?

What does it mean to say that faith without action is dead?

What is the relationship between faith and works, according to these verses?

Using James’ standard, would you describe your faith as alive or dead? Explain.

This passage in James explains that a faith without actions is a dead faith. James wasn’t saying that it’s your works or the good things you do that ensure your salvation. Salvation comes through your relationship with Jesus. As Paul said, salvation comes through Christ alone. James’ point is that we are saved by faith, but action flows from that faith.

If you’re a believer and your life doesn’t reflect obedience to Christ and involvement in His work, then you’re not fulfilling Jesus’ true purpose for your life.  Telling someone “God loves you,” “God bless you,” or “I’ll pray for you” will not put food in their stomachs. The faith we profess means nothing if we don’t actually live it out.

God’s call on all our lives is to demonstrate His love by our actions—to the poor and needy and all those around us. Look around you. Where is a need? What can you do to help?

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Help a Kid Become a Camper

Posted by Phil

Could there be anything better to give than the chance for a child to have a life changing experience at camp? We believe that this is perhaps the best way for you to give your resources. Ridgecrest Summer Camps is committed to continuing to give away about $80,000 in scholarships each year. Currently we receive maybe half that amount in donations. We need to close that gap! Please consider giving so that we can continue to offer financial aid to campers in need.

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Don’t Just Talk

Posted by Melissa

Ridgecrest Summer CampsSHE DREAMED OF PLAYING the piano all her life. She bought the books and signed up for the lessons. For the first six months she did great. She practiced faithfully every day. But little by little, she stopped practicing. Eventually, she quit.

Think about a time when you wanted something, but eventually gave up on it. What did you learn?

Read James 1:22-25. Read verse 22 aloud.

What does James 1:22 say we do if we merely listen to the Word? Why is that important?

What analogy did James make in verses 23-24? What does that have to do with hearing God’s Word but not doing what it says?

What is the promise in verse 25?

Why is it not enough to simply know what Scripture says? Why is action so important?

The problem James was addressing was negligence. You can be negligent when you have responsibility but aren’t willing to put in the work to accomplish it.

It is equally not enough to simply say you believe in God’s laws. If you don’t actually obey them, your life says you don’t believe they’re valid. You can tell the whole world you love God, but if your life doesn’t demonstrate that love, then your words are worthless. Do you care for the widow, orphan, or neighbor down the street? This is the heart of God’s Word. Don’t just talk the talk; live your faith!

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Humble Yourself Before The Lord

Posted by Melissa

Ridgecrest Summer CampsWHO IS YOUR ROLE MODEL? Is there a person in your life whom you greatly admire or respect? Think about those people you would put at the top of your list of people you look up to. Perhaps it’s your counselor or another staff person. Why do you value them so highly? What qualities or characteristics do they possess that propel them to the top of your list?

Read Isaiah 66:1-2 and focus on verse 2b.
According to this passage, what belongs to God?
Who did God say made “all these things?”
Why is it important to recognize God as the Creator in control of this world?

What are some ways you recognize God as Creator? What are some things in your life you need to let Him have control over?
According to verse 2, what does God value in a person?

Think about your life. Would you make God’s list of people He looks favorably on based on these criteria? Why or why not?
What does it mean to be humble and submissive?
Do these words describe you? Explain.

Remember that list of people you look up to that you made earlier? Think about the characteristics and qualities you said you valued in those people. Now, understand from today’s Scripture passage that God also has qualities and characteristics He wants people to possess. And when we possess those characteristics, His Word says He looks upon us favorably. But what He values in us isn’t anything we can achieve through wealth, success, or popularity. God wants humility and submissiveness. God simply values a humble and broken spirit, a believer who isn’t proud but rather understands his or her limitations and allows God to work. God calls us to surrender to Him—to allow Him into our lives, give Him control, trust Him, and yield to Him, letting Him work in and through our lives. Are you the kind of person God desires you to be?

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1B Newspaper Party

Posted by Sharon

Who would have ever thought you could have so much fun with newspapers?  Well, here at Crestridge, we’ve found a way!  We play different games such as Word Search, Tallest Tower, Smallest Pile, Look-a-Like Contest, Stuff Your Counselor, Hide your Village, Snowball Fight, and more!  We haven’t played this game in a while, but decided to bring it back for a Campwide Activity.

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This Is The Life

Posted by Melissa

Ridgecrest Summer CampsEVERY GOOD WESTERN MOVIE ends with a showdown. A showdown is when the hero of the story confronts his or her opponent to settle a serious conflict. In the movies, the hero always comes out victorious over his enemy and defeats evil.

We all have conflict in our lives. It’s called sin. Some people try to hide or run away from their troubles. Is that you? It’s time to stop running. It’s time for a showdown.

Read 1 Corinthians 15:2-28. What do verses 21 and 22 mean to you?

How did sin and death enter the world?

Who saves us from sin and death?

What can you learn about Jesus in these verses?

Why is Jesus’ resurrection so important to us? To you personally?

Have you asked Jesus to save you from the sin in your life? Explain.

What sins are you battling today?

What conflicts are in your life?

Paul wanted the Corinthian believers to understand how important Jesus’ resurrection was to their faith. Without it, he said their faith was worthless. Christianity is pointless if Jesus isn’t alive and at the right hand of God. It is His death and His resurrection that give us victory over sin.

Because Jesus was victorious over sin and death, you can be, too. You can have the freedom not to be restrained, bound, or trapped by your sin. Will you choose to follow Jesus who gave His life and rose again to give you life, or will you follow a world full of sin and death?

It’s up to you. It’s high noon. What is your choice?

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