Preparing for Opening Day

Posted by Ashley Genoble

The first Opening Day is only 37 days away!! Are you ready? How do you prepare for camp? The first Crestridge staffer arrives on Monday morning to start working! It’s getting real!

We would love to share some tips with you as you start thinking about Opening Day:

-Campers, ask your parents to fill out all the forms before camp! And, sign up for skills! You can sign up on Opening Day but you may find that some of the skills are already full.

-Start getting your trunk ready! Make sure you have the items listed on our packing list. If this is your first summer, check out our Packing for Camp video.

-Missing home is a very normal feeling and thing to experience. Get a journal (or pre-order one from our store) and make a plan to write down all the awesome memories so you can be sure to share them with your family when you get home.

-The clothing store is almost ready for pre-orders! Pick out some Crestridge gear to rep!

-Get ready for the changes to Opening Day! You’ll get shuttled up to Crestridge as soon as you park to check in at the Tennis Courts. If you come before, you’ll have to hang out at the Tennis Courts/Lower Green until we announce your village. You’ll walk up to your cabin with your village and your counselors! It’s not the Crestridge Stampede! Check-In closes at 12:30PM. Then we’ll get the session started with lunch in the Dining Hall at 1PM!

-Don’t have any expectations! Get ready to have the best summer ever!

If you have any questions about coming to camp this summer, let us know. We would love to make it as easy as possible for you! See you soon!

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Fully Forgiven

Posted by Karah


Find a quiet place—go outside if the weather is nice. Read “The Point” of today’s devotion and meditate on this truth before you begin reading.

As you have seen through your devotions this month, the Pharisees often tried to trap Jesus into blaspheming God. This Scripture is yet another account of the Pharisees asking questions related to the law in hopes of finding a way to accuse Jesus of breaking God’s law.

“When Jesus stood up, He said to her, ‘Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?’ ‘No one, Lord,’ she answered. ‘Neither do I condemn you,’ said Jesus. ‘Go, and from now on do not sin anymore.’” —John 8:10-11

Read John 8:1-11 in your Bible

This encounter confirms two things about the Gospel. First, no sinner is beyond Jesus’ power to forgive. Second, Jesus wants us to remember our own need for His mercy when we are tempted to judge those who have not yet trusted Him.

• How does Jesus’ response disarm the woman’s accusers?

• Have you ever seen a Christian show love to someone most people would rather not associate with? What happened? How did that experience affect you? Explain.

• Read Romans 3:10-12, 23. How does Jesus’ treatment of this woman demonstrate the truths in these verses? How should you treat those who don’t know Jesus and live differently?

The woman was caught in sin and she deserved the punishment outlined in the law. Jesus is the only One who can claim true perfection, yet He extended grace and forgiveness to the woman while urging her to stop her sinful behaviors. He does the same for us today.


No one is beyond Jesus’ power to redeem and forgive. As Christ-followers, knowing that we are repentant, forgiven sinners we must reach out with compassion and mercy to those living in sin.

• How do you respond to people living sinful lifestyles? Do you tend to lean toward grace or judgment? Talk to God about it honestly and ask Him to help you to view others the way He intended.

• For further study on forgiveness, read Romans 3:9-24.


According to Leviticus 20:10 and Deuteronomy 22:22-24, anyone who committed adultery was condemned to death by stoning. In their attempts to trap Jesus, the Sanhedrin made a spectacle of this woman in public with what they believed was an air-tight case. They were intentionally trying to catch Jesus publicly denouncing Mosaic Law.

BLASPHEMY (n) = any irreverent speech or action directed toward God.


No one is too sinful to experience Jesus’ forgiveness. Instead of standing in judgment, we should respond with grace and mercy to those who don’t know Him.

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My time as an Intern!

Posted by Karah


Wow oh wow. How has the year gone by so fast! To say my time here at Crestridge was amazing is such an understatement because it was so much more! It was a year of new friendships, a new job, new responsibilities, and continual provision from the Lord. It was incredible to be able to work at a place where the mission is so clear and evident, “Impacting lives for God’s glory.” I’m sure if you ask anyone in the office they would tell you that this year would not have happened without the Lord’s grace and guidance in every step. I am truly thankful for everything I’ve got to experience and learn this year from this place. Here’s a couple of things that I will never forget.

SEASONS: This Florida girl did not know what she was in for when she moved up to these beautiful mountains. I went from experiencing basically two seasons a year (summer and 2 weeks of winter haha) to ALL FOUR! I got to see camp when the leaves changed, the snow fell, and now we are at the beginning of Spring (hopefully)! Who knew it stayed cold for longer than 2 weeks and that snow was a real thing people deal with! I seriously had to stock up on my winter wardrobe (bless you Goodwill and Walmart)! What was so incredible was truly getting to see the Lord’s beauty in the midst of a super dead season. While the leaves had fallen and the trees were bare, the snow covered everything and reminded me that Lord sees me as white as snow. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be, but the Lord looks past my ugly parts and sees me as His daughter and has given me the chance to be a part of His kingdom work. So so cool.


THE PEOPLE: Camp in the off season is a lot quieter without all the campers running around, but boy, the community here is still unbelievable. From the office to being at home to the Black Mountain community in general, it was a huge blessing to be able to step into this group of people and have a chance to be a part of it. Being able to work for Sharon and Ashley was so incredible because they are such gracious leaders. They trusted us with large responsibilities and treated us as being valued members of the team, and I also get to call them my friends! Living with Elise, Josh and Garrett was a real hoot and so many hilarious memories were made. All of us are very different from one another but the Lord provided us with such awesome friendships that taught us how to respect one another and love each other well. I seriously will never forget you guys, you’ve taught me more than you know. I also just want to thank everyone else that walked alongside us in this crazy year. You welcomed us and gave us a family when we were far away from everything that was comfortable. You guys are the reason camp is so unlike any other and will always hold a  special place in my heart.


ELISE: Need a special section dedicated to my girl! Ya’ll, you got to get yourself a friend like Elise because it is life changing. Mary Elise Moffatt is one of the most incredible human beings on this earth and the Lord is so so evident in her heart. She has been an amazing friend in times that were hard and is constantly speaking truth. Her heart to serve others is probably the biggest I have seen and her goofy, fun spirit is contagious. Elise, thanks for always being down to obnoxiously jam out in the car, for never being afraid of being your wacko self, and for a friendship I hope last forever.! Don’t even want to think about saying good-bye, so I am not gonna! Love ya a whole heck of ton pal!


THE JOB: I had no idea what camp looked like during the year and seriously had no idea how much work the full time staff put into every little detail here. The directors are continually trying to make camp better and seeking the Lord’s guidance through it all. I was just lucky enough to get to be a part of it this year. And what’s super incredible is that every step taken is prayerfully thought through. Camp is intended to impact lives for GOD’S GLORY, not our own. We want the Lord to be at the steering wheel, guiding us and giving us directions in what He thinks the summer needs most. Prayers were heard and prayers were answered.


JESUS: I truly could go on and on about everything the Lord has taught me this year. His presence is so evident in this place and in these people and He has revealed so much of who He is. He is constantly reminding me of how little I know about him because He is such a big God! He is not only working in my heart but every single person in this world, that is crazy! He gives me grace every moment of every day and doesn’t expect me to be perfect because I never will be. But He is the one in control, shaping my heart and this world and showing me that EVERYTHING that is good in this world is from Him! He is filling us and healing our brokenness, drawing us closer to him. He is continuously fulfilling one of my favorite scriptures, Romans 15:13,”May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” He is giving me joy, peace, and hope, as He reminds me to always look to Him.

Truly, I don’t know how I got the opportunity to be here, but I am so unbelievably thankful for all the Lord has taught me and what He will continue teaching me as the years go on. It is sad to think that this won’t be life next year, but Grace Arant, last years intern, gave me a beautiful perspective on the future. She told me that with each year and transition there is a new season. Seasons will continue to happen, some will be awesome and some will be hard, but each one is better than the last because you are continuing to learn and continuing to grow closer to God. So even though I am sad that this year is coming to an end, I’m excited to take everything I’ve learn this year and see what the Lord has in store for it in the future. We seriously have such a cool God.

BUT GUYS! WE STILL HAVE SUMMER! AND I AM SO HYPE FOR IT! Camp isn’t camp without the campers! So seriously, get here right now! WE ARE READY FOR YA!

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Good News Travels

Posted by Karah


Ask God to help you evaluate your response to what He has done in your life. Review last week’s devotion before you read today’s Scripture.

“They said to the woman, ‘It is no longer because of what you said that we believe, for we have heard for ourselves, and know that this is indeed the Savior of the world.’” —John 4:42

Read John 4:39-42.

This woman wouldn’t even draw water at the same time as the other women in her town. Her shame kept her isolated. After encountering Jesus, she entered town and shared her testimony with anyone who would listen.

• In today’s Scripture, we see a drastic change in the woman’s life. What was the reason for her change? How does this show the way people should respond to God’s gift of salvation? Explain.

• What was the town’s reaction to the woman’s testimony? Why is it important that they believed her?

• What did the town’s people do when they heard her testimony? Do people respond this way today when they hear of Jesus changing someone’s life? Why or why not?


• If you are a Christian, imagine how your life would be different if you never trusted Jesus. How has your encounter with Jesus given you confidence to face your culture? Journal your response.

• Remember only God can save people— we can’t. Still, people can come to know who He is by your testimony. Find time this week to share with someone the story of Jesus and how you came to know Him. Trust the results to God.

• For further study, see Isaiah 55:11; Acts 1:6-8; and Hebrews 4:12.


The Samaritan woman couldn’t contain the good news Jesus gave her. The cultural climate surrounding Jesus’ earthly ministry was hostile toward Christianity. This only intensified shortly after His resurrection. Yet, even in the face of extreme danger, those who encountered the truth of Christ were compelled to spread the Word. In John 16:33, Jesus warned that His followers would face
trials and pain, but He also gave hope by saying, “Take heart! I have overcome the world.”


When Jesus changes our lives, we must be faithful to tell others about Him.

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Living Water

Posted by Karah


Contemplate what it feels like to be hungry or thirsty. Ask God to help you understand how He satisfies your spiritual hunger and thirst.

“Jesus said, ‘Everyone who drinks from this water will get thirsty again. But whoever drinks from the water that I will give him will never get thirsty again—ever! In fact, the water I will give him will become a well of water springing up within him for eternal life.’” —John 4:13-14

Read John 4:1-26 in your Bible. Use the questions below to help you study.

• Jesus called Himself “the gift of God” (v. 10). How does this reveal God’s character? His love for you?

• Highlight the phrase “living water” in verse 10. What does this mean? Explain the concept in your own words.

• What does it mean to thirst for Jesus? How does He quench this thirst? Jesus’ ministry was characterized by meeting physical needs in order to illustrate spiritual truths. This encounter was no different.

• What does Jesus’ conversation with this woman teach you about salvation? About eternal life?


Just as Jesus offered this woman living water, He offers us the same gift.

• Whom or what do you look to for satisfaction? Do you look to Jesus? Confess your answer to God and ask Him to help you be fully satisfied in Him.

• Think of a few ways Jesus specifically satisfied your spiritual needs. Thank Him for providing for you.


When Jesus spoke to this woman, He shattered three cultural barriers at once. First, devout Jews would have avoided even passing through this region due to the intense racism between Jews
and Samaritans. Second, Jewish men did not speak to women casually. Third, this immoral woman was clearly accustomed to being an outcast, as she drew her water in the heat of the day, rather than in the cooler times with the other women.


Only Jesus can satisfy our deepest needs.

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A few of my favorite things about being an intern!

Posted by Karah

WOW! What a year this has been. Being an intern has been full of so much fun, laughter, hard work, challenges and lots of good times with Scout. There are SO many things I could tell you all about being an intern!!!! But here are a few of my favorite things:

1. Traveling! Traveling to different cities to see campers and staff has been such a treat. We were able to go to various universities to recruit new staffers and see previous staffers.  We also got to see campers and meet families. Just imagine hours and hours of jamming to music in the car with Becky Haltiwanger!!! Oh yes, we had a blast for sure.

2. Hiring staff!!!! As an intern, I have had the chance to walk our applicants through the hiring process. Interviewing our applicants has been SO much fun. There were many incredible girls with huge heart’s for Jesus that applied to camp this year. Being able to hear about their desire to spread the Gospel to our campers has been such an encouragement to me throughout this year.

3. THE COMMUNITY! Wow, this community is amazing. Living and working with the other intern, Becky, has been THE BEST!!!!! With her, there has been tons and tons of laughter, video making, traveling, quality conversation, friendship and unity through the Gospel. I am absolutely confident that Sharon and Ashley are the BEST bosses that anyone could ever have. They are endlessly gracious. They are confidently humble. They are selfless, hard working and inspire you to be your best. Working with the Ridgecrest staff has also been such an incredible and important part of this community. Being able to work with and learn from our brothers in Christ has been awesome. And last but not least, I got to hang out with SCOUT every day!!!!!

4. Cleaning the pool!!! I’m not going to lie, scrubbing the pool can be fun! It is so nice to be able to go outside and enjoy the beauty of camp while working on something that is so important to our campers!

5. Individual growth! At camp, we challenge our campers and staffers to grow in four areas: spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically. This year has been full of challenges and growth for me personally! I have grown socially as I have met new staffers and campers and embraced the community in Black Mountain. I have grown mentally as I have learn many new skills, organizational techniques and collaboration. I have grown physically as I have been working out with the Ridgecrest interns (lol). And I have grown spiritually in my walk with the Lord as I have come to understand more of his unconditional love and pursuit of me through my brokenness!

6. Lastly, my very favorite thing about working at camp is being able to facilitate an environment where the Gospel is shared!!!! Sharing the Good News of what Jesus has done for us is the MOST important part of life and camp! I am so grateful that the Lord has given me an opportunity to participate in his Kingdom Work through being an intern. We have hired an incredible staff and we are prayerfully approaching the summer. We pray that each of our campers will get to hear the Good News of Jesus and believe that his sacrifice is sufficient for us!

Being an intern has been such a blessing. I have been so thankful for this opportunity and all of the things that the Lord has allowed me to learn along with way. But, we aren’t finished yet!!!!!!! We are SO excited for this summer!!!!!! WILL YA’LL JUST GET HERE ALREADY!!!!!????

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Religion or Response?

Posted by Karah


Take a moment before you begin today and thank God for the amazing gift of salvation.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but but in order that the world might be saved through Him.” —John 3:16-17

Read John 3:1-21.

A Pharisee Nicodemus approached Jesus by night and called him “Rabbi,” which can also mean Master. He was respectful of Jesus, but his questions revealed his uncertainty of Jesus’ claims. Jesus immediately directed the conversation to the fact that religious knowledge doesn’t earn salvation.

• What does Nicodemus’ conversation with Jesus reveal about his understanding of who Jesus was?

• Think about how Jesus’ gospel contradicted the legalistic beliefs of the Pharisees. What are the main differences between religion and a saving faith in Christ?

Religion                                                                                                               Jesus



• What does this passage reveal about the personal nature of the gospel? Eternal life? God’s love for you? Explain.


• Salvation isn’t free—God sent His own Son to pay the price for your reconciliation. As you go through the rest of the week, meditate on God’s gift to you.

• How would you personally explain what it takes to be saved? Journal the story of when you trusted Jesus as Savior. Then, pray and ask God to help you know how to tell someone else about Him. If you have not placed your faith in Jesus, talk with someone that you trust, like your parent or one of your camp counselors, about the Gospel.

• For further study on the difference between religious knowledge and salvation, read Jesus > Religion by Jefferson Bethke (Thomas Nelson, 2013).


Much debate centers around how a person is saved, but the most important truth to cling to is that God is the initiator of salvation. Redemption was God’s idea, carried out by His Son. We are accountable for our response in either belief or disbelief. A cohesive reading of the Bible concludes, “It is unproductive theological speculation, therefore, to minimize either the role of God or of humanity in the salvation process. The Bible and John 3:16 recognize the roles of both.”¹


Jesus died for you personally. To be saved, you must respond to His gospel.



¹Gerald L. Borchert, New American Commentary – Volume 25a: John 1-11, (Nashville, TN: Broadman & Holman, 1996), WORDsearchCROSS e-book, 183.

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