In Like a Lion…

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So you know that old weather proverb about March, “In like a lion, out like a lamb”?  Well, for us here at camp, March certainly roared its head!  On Sunday, March 1st, it snowed on and off all day.  At camp, we had around 3 inches.  Now I know 3 inches may not sound like a lot to some of you, but let me tell you, for this Texas girl it was a little taste of Heaven!  And at Sharon’s home there was around 8 inches!  Needless to say, she had a snow day yesterday while others of us were in the office.  

I walked around parts of camp yesterday and took some pics since you all couldn’t be here to see it with us…enjoy!

Chapel and road under snow Choctaw hill the lake with snow        

                        Snow on the blob tower and tree limbs Back of chapel

Campfire area  Cherokee hill Entrance signs

That’s how it looked at camp, now check out how it looked at Sharon’s!

                 View from porch more snow at Sharon's

Oj sure loved playing in all that snow!  We even made some snowmen at camp…but that’s another post for another day!

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10 thoughts on “In Like a Lion…”

  1. woooow…it looks like the lake is all gone…one thing i think would make camp better is ..i now its a big job.. but if the lake could be a little cleaner. i didnt go in it to much last year cause it was pretty gross.

  2. Im a texas girl too!!!!!!!!!!!! we only got snow like 2-3 years ago and we had about 5 inches!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it would be really be cool if it snow here again!!!!!! cant wait til camp!!!!!

  3. i like the lake! i am not sure if they could clean it because of the animals that live there. it might kill them! i know green is not the most flattering color for the lake but it’s still super fun! (especially after the mud pit!)

  4. i thought lakes are supposed to be green and brown. And animals live in it….. I thought it was fun and the slide makes it better!!

  5. i havent really seen it except in pictures ( this is my first year lol) but i guess ill just have to make my decision about it when i actually see it!!! cant wait!!!! totally psyched

  6. yeah, i would hate to kill the animals, but brown is not the prettiest color! lol, but i am so excited!!!!!!!! 😀

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