Fun in the snow

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All work and no play makes camp a pretty dull place.  Thankfully we know how to play here at camp.  Since it doesn’t really snow here that often, we take full advantage of it when it does!  So yesterday Sharon and I decided to build a snowman before everything melted away.  Check out the pics below to see our new friend.

                   Our snowman Sharon adding a face

                   Abby adding accessories Sharon and I with our snowman buddy 

Of course once Stewart, the boys camp intern, saw what we were doing he had to come out and one up us.  He built his own snowman to tower over ours.

                                         Snow friends

Okay, I know what you may be thinking, “How come Stewart’s snowman is so much bigger?”  Before you go thinking that Sharon and I were just lazy and didn’t want to take the time to build a bigger snow buddy, check this out…

                                         The girls real snowman and Stewart's fake one!  

Who’s the lazy one now?

We’re not sure what to name them.  Any suggestions?

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5 thoughts on “Fun in the snow”

  1. i like yalls snow people! you should probably name one norman or Cornellius! 🙂
    PS: is Norman the Flamingo okay? He has been at the front of my cabin for two years now and I love him!
    PSS: if either Ruthie or Jessica is reading this… NORMAN IS SOOOO MY BOYFRIEND!!!!! 🙂

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