New Skills?

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If you’re part of our facebook fan page, then you know that we’ve asked campers and staff what new skills they’d like to see this summer.  (If you’re on facebook and not a fan of the camp, then you need to be!).  The following clips are suggestions from us on what the new skills should be.  Watch the clips and tell us what you think.

And as you know, we here at Ridgecrest Summer Camps are all about safety first, so it would be the counselors who would cut the holes with the chainsaws…just as Stewart demonstrated.

How about Ron’s throwing arm?!?!  He might even be available to lead this skill if buttered up enough!


Okay, so you’ve probably figured out that these skills wouldn’t be plausible for the summer.  Back in January we had some really cold days where the lake froze over (about 4 inches thick) and we just had to take advantage of that since it doesn’t happen often!  What you watched is some of the crazy fun antics we here in the office came up with.  Check back next week to see a couple other clips of how we had fun with the ice and cold weather.

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3 thoughts on “New Skills?”

  1. Love the ice fishing skill. Their should be a hillbilly survival skill where you learn to live off the land like fishing with an old hand crank telephone or how to dig a proper out house. Keep up the work guys. It looks awesome.

  2. i agree with Mike
    if yall have ever read hatchet you shud just give us one and take us into the middle of nowhere and say” have fun see you in a week”

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