Still More Construction

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Did you think all the construction for the summer was finished?  Well, not quite yet. We still have a few minor things left to build before the summer gets underway.  One of those projects is a NEW ZIPLINE TOWER!  The blob tower is new (2007 anyway) and we thought it only fair to rebuild the zipline tower.  Check out the progress so far:

                           Start of the new tower New zipline tower

     Keep checking back because you never know what will get built next!

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9 thoughts on “Still More Construction”

  1. Whoa!!!!! fancy!!! i cant believe that camp is almost here love the acomindations!!! they look AMAZING!!!! love to all!!!

  2. ok… i heard a rumor that only 7 new cabins were being built???????is it true.. please prove me wrong… or tell me what cabins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. kk got my answer… i thought that ALL the cabins would b alot of work…srry is the bear trap the little thing across from the dining hall.. the thing with the 2square outline in it … i cant remember… will u list the staff??? i mean the counslers… also r all of the old SALT girls now jets????

  4. The zip line looks fun last year i was too scared but i might do it this year. How high is it I am afraid of hights

  5. hey grace, my friend told me it isnt at high as it looks, and once you do it its really fun! can wait to meet you at session 1A!

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