Digital Photography for 2009

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Kodak Easyshare C813 with accessoriesOne of the New Skills we’re adding this summer is digital photography!  It’s been talked about for a few years and is finally here.  No need to bring your own camera to this skill, we’re providing it for you. The picture shows the type of camera you’ll be using in this skill (and some of the accessories).  You’ll learn how to make good pictures great!  It’s well on the way to becoming a favorite (judging by skill sheets already returned to the office).  So sign up today before all the spots are filled!

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29 thoughts on “Digital Photography for 2009”

  1. Her name is Leslie Pitman, she is a new counselor this year. It’s going to be great!

  2. I have a question.
    My digital camera has to plug into the wall to charge.
    Is there a plug in the cabins?

  3. yes there are outlits, but they are limited, so you may want to bring an extention cord or even one that plugs in and has a bunch of outlits conected to it! Hope you have a great time this summer! when are you going to be there?

  4. There are 10 cameras so the max is 10 girls per skill. We are providing the cameras for this skill and will download the pictures each day. At the end of the session, you will get a CD with all the pictures you’ve taken. There are plugs in the cabins if you would like to charge your personal camera.

  5. great!!!
    the skill name said scrapbooking,does that mean we will make a scrapbook with our pictures?????

  6. We are going to have the last day of the skill set aside to scrapbook with some of the pictures you have taken. The class consist of more photography than scrapbooking.
    You are allowed to bring your own cameras to camp, but for this summer, not to use in the photography class. We are going to try it out this year with just the cameras we are providing.

  7. Ok thats good because I am being hired to be the photographer at a family friends wedding and will need any advice and pointers possible….

  8. Unfortunately we do not know quite yet who is teaching softball. Don’t worry though, we’ll get it covered!

  9. and also, who is teaching crafts? i am so excited for that skill!!!!! see yall in 2 weeks! go session 1A!!!

  10. We actually don’t have most counselors assigned to what skill they are going to teach. We give them their assignments during staff training week.

  11. i cant wait!!!!! the staff will arrive like, next week! i cant wait till session 1A!! go choctaws!

  12. The cabins do not have AC, but it doesn’t get too hot up here. It actually gets kind of cool at nighttime.

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