No Immunity

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Read 2 Samuel 11:2-5.

I won’t ever do that!, we say to ourselves as we look at someone else’s sin. What are the sins you’ve promised yourself you’d never commit? Lying? Becoming addicted to pornography? Premarital sex? Treating some people better than others? Saying one thing and doing the opposite?

The thing is, none of us are immune to sin. Actually, sin is hardwired into us, thanks to the sin nature we inherited from Adam and Eve. It’s easy for us to stand at a distance and point our fingers and say, “I’ll never do that!” But the truth is, we’re all capable of all sin at any given moment.

Nothing proves that truth more than today’s Scripture passage. Earlier, in 1 Samuel 13:14, David had been described as a man who was loyal to God, a man after God’s own heart. Yet in today’s passage he chose to sleep with Bathsheba, who was someone else’s wife. David was the king and a man after God’s own heart. And what he had done was wrong. At this point in his life, when he was given the opportunity, he chose to sin. David wasn’t immune to sin, and neither are you.

But as a believer, you can also choose not to sin. Christ has given you the strength and power to choose right over wrong, but you have to make that choice. Recognize that you aren’t immune to sin. Then, take steps to decide how you’ll react when opportunities to sin come along, because they will. You aren’t immune to sin, but you can overcome it with Christ’s help. The question is, will you let Him help you?

David sent messengers to get her, and when she came to him, he slept with her. Now she had just been purifying herself from her uncleanness. Afterward, she returned home. —2 Samuel 11:4

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