Stop The Cycle of Sin

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What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. How many times have you heard that little proverb? The problem? That saying is true.

Think about it. When has a decision to do one wrong thing led to a whole cycle of wrong in your life? What did you learn about yourself? How did you feel? Did everything spiral out of control? Explain.

Concentrate on verse 15 as you read 2 Samuel 11:6-17.

What was the first sin David committed?

How did he try to cover it up?

What was Uriah’s reaction when David tried to set his first cover-up plan into motion?

How is Uriah’s response an honorable response?

How does his honorable response compare to David’s behavior?

How did one sinful choice in David’s life spiral out of control?

What does this series of events in David’s life teach you about sin in your life?

What steps will you take today to stop the cycle of sin in your life?

David’s decision to sleep with Bathsheba led to a cycle of sin that overtook his life. Trying to cover up that first sin led to deception, lies, and eventually murder. David, the man after God’s own heart, had chosen to sin. Before he knew it, sin ruled his life. That’s what sin does. It destroys and generally leads to more sin and more consequences. Before we know it, one sinful choice has spiraled out of control and now sin rules every part of our lives.

If that describes you today, there is a way out of sin’s trap. Let it go. Admit your sin to God, turn away from it, and let His forgiveness and restoration play out in your life. Let Him control your life rather than a cycle of sin you can’t escape from.

In the letter he wrote: Put Uriah at the front of the fiercest fighting, then withdraw from him so that he is struck down and dies. —2 Samuel 11:15

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