Hungry and Thirsty

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Think about a time when you were extremely hungry or thirsty. What was your mood? Describe how you felt, both emotionally and physically.

With that experience in mind, read Matthew 5:6, then answer the questions that follow.

“Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness are blessed, for they will be filled.” —Matthew 5:6

People who are hungry or thirsty devote their time and energy to fulfilling those needs. Knowing this, what does it mean to hunger and thirst for righteousness? Explain.

Continuing with the hunger metaphor, what might keep a person from experiencing spiritual fullness?

Matthew 5:6 tells us that those who follow Christ have a deep desire to see God’s standard established and obeyed in every area of life, particularly in their own lives. Who has been a good example of that kind of righteousness in your life? Why?


Evaluate your life. Do you exhibit a deep desire to live according to God’s standard and pursue righteousness? How does your life display that desire? If that desire feels faint, ask God to ignite your heart with a desire to obey Him in every area of your life.

If you have never had a desire for righteousness, that may point to a problem. Talk with your parents, pastor, or a trusted Christian mentor about why pleasing God should be important to Christians.

Look back at the verses you’ve read from the Beatitudes so far. Sum up what you’ve learned from each one. Notice how they build on each other to describe the journey of coming to know Christ.

For further study of what living righteously looks like, read the Book of James in the New Testament. If you’d like to study this more in-depth with a group, consider James: Faith Under Pressure by Pam Gibbs (LifeWay Christian Resources, 2011).

Behind the Story

In Matthew 6, Jesus specifically chooses hunger and thirst to describe a person’s desire for righteousness. This is not the pleasant hunger we experience when we smell our favorite meal. This is an uncomfortable rumbling in an empty belly, characterized by hunger pangs and dry mouth. This deep hunger produces a kind of focus and desperation that doesn’t exist otherwise—a truly spiritually hungry person will be determined to satisfy the deep spiritual belly ache.

The Point

Kingdom citizens desire to see God’s standards established and obeyed in every area of their lives.

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