Obey to Honor

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Do you ever have difficulty wrapping your mind around the fact that Jesus and God are one? Pray that God will increase your understanding of this truth today.

When people hear the word honor, they think of battles, soldiers, winning awards, or being in a respected career. What does the word honor mean Consider the definition below and record your own definition in your journal.

HONOR (n.) – Respect and worthiness of rank.

• Do you think you honor Jesus? Why or why not? Journal your response.

“And just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, so the
Son also gives life to anyone He wants to.” —John 5:21

Read John 5:21-24 in your Bible. Ask yourself:
• What does this passage reveal about the relationship between Jesus and His Father? Why is that important?
• List specific roles of Jesus named in this passage. Who gave Him permission and authority over all people?
• Jesus honored God by obeying Him and fulfilling His purpose. How can you do the same? How does living for Jesus acknowledge his power and authority in your life?


You can honor Jesus in your relationship with Him by living and speaking in ways that glorify God and show He is Lord of your life.

• Reflect on verse 21 for a moment. How has Jesus brought life to you? Are you quick to share this with people around you? Journal your response.

• Think of people in your circle who need to hear about Jesus and list them in your journal. Ask God to show you how to be more intentional about sharing His truth with them.

• For further study about Jesus and God being one, read John 1:1,14 and John 14:7-11.


This imagery of Jesus as the Son sent by the Father is taken from the Jewish concept of the shaliach, or messenger, in which the sent one is like the sender himself and faithfully pursues the sender’s interests.1 Jesus as God’s Son and messenger had a right to honor and worship, as He was one with God in deity.


God has given Jesus authority over all people. If we want to honor God, we must honor and obey Jesus.

1.Holman Christian Standard Study Bible (Nashville: Holman Bible Publishers, 2010), 1808.

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