The Loudest Voice

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Think back on your life and see if there’s ever been a time when you allowed people to distract you from doing God’s will. Ask God to help you stand strong against anything that distracts you from following Him. List a few things that might distract you from hearing God’s voice or seeking His will.

Now, read Luke 23:1-24 in your Bible.

“But they kept up the pressure, demanding with loud voices that He be crucified. And their voices won out.” —Luke 23:23

Reflect on the following:
• Underline each statement in this passage that declared Jesus’ innocence.
• Why did the officials send Jesus back and forth (vv. 14-15)?
• Whom did Pilate listen to in the end? Why?
• Who appeared to have the most power in this situation? Herod, Pilate, or the people?
• Who actually held the power? (See John 19:11.) Circle the one you choose in your bible. Why is that important?


Jesus was innocent, yet He was sentenced to die because the Jews angrily and incessantly insisted He was a criminal of the highest order. Just like Pilate and Herod Antipas, sometimes we hear others’ voices louder than God’s. When we focus on others’ opinions and words more than God’s will and His Word, it’s easy to obey the wrong voice.

• In what ways are you tempted to follow others’ opinions rather than God’s truth? Pray, honestly confessing any struggles to God. Ask Him to give you the strength to overcome the struggles in your life.
• List three specific things you will do this week to help you focus on obeying God, instead of living to please others.


According to the legal system, Pilate knew Jesus was innocent (v. 4) as did Herod (vv. 14-15), evidenced by his sending Jesus back to Pilate. Pilate attempted to sway the Jews, offering to scourge and release Jesus. The Jews refused to be pleased by anything less than Jesus’ death. Still, the inability of all of these people to find any fault with Jesus points to Jesus as the perfect, unblemished, Sacrificial Lamb.


Though Jesus was innocent, Pilate and Herod sentenced Him to death to appease the Jews. They feared men more than God. Believers should fear and obey God above all else.


Recite Matthew 26:39. Pray that the Holy Spirit would help you seek His will above your own desires.

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