Update on The Beehive Construction

Posted by Karah


Since the last update on the Beehive, things are still moving along quite nicely! We have had some rainy days, which doesn’t help the workers out a whole lot, but we have also had some beautiful days, too. I’m sure they are enjoying the warmer temperatures we have been having this week, though! Since our last construction blog, quite a bit has happened. The porch and railings are finished that surround the building. They have also finished putting the green metal roof on – and it looks great! The steps and the ramp up to the porch have been built, as well as the steps up to what will be the Crestridge Museum. The windows and doors have also been installed and look good! Currently the electrician is working inside so we can have some power in The Beehive. Things are going well. We are excited for everyone to see it in person, but until then, hopefully these pictures will give you an idea of what it’s looking like!




For more pictures of the Beehive construction, check our Facebook page.



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Beehive Construction

Posted by Sharon

The Beehive is a busy place right now!  Construction began back in October with taking down the existing Store and Landsports Hut.  Then they dug out where the Beehive was going to sit.  The next step was to build the foundation.  They put down the block and concrete floor for the basement.  A couple weeks ago, they began framing the Beehive.  I am amazed each time I go over to Crestridge and see how much the workers have accomplished!  They work so fast!  They are currently working on the porches and finishing the roof.

Check out our Facebook page for more pictures and updates!

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