Christmas Time is Here

Posted by Sharon

Greetings from Ridgecrest Summer Camps!  I hope you were able to read our last blog about the Snow Storm here at camp.  By the time the snow ended, we had over a foot of snow!  It was absolutely beautiful!  Not much has melted so we are still enjoying the remnants.

Well, it’s Christmas time and we’d like to bring you another Norman Rockwell Christmas card.  Thank you Wayne for your talent and inspiration.

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Fun Times at Disney World

Posted by Sharon

This past week, Ron, Phil, Caleb and I had the opportunity to attend the American Camp Association’s National Conference.  Camp professionals from all over the United States gathered to learn how to make their camps even better!  It was information overload, but we learned a lot!  This year’s conference was at Coronado Springs Resort in Disney World.

Phil, Ron and Sharon with Disney Hats

On Thursday afternoon, the four of us ventured out to Hollywood Studios.  The first ride we went on was the Tower of Terror.  It is like an elevator ride that takes you up 13 stories but then drops suddenly!  It doesn’t do that once, but a few times.  I came off the ride with tears streaming down my face, not because I was crying but because I had never heard Ron scream before! We were all laughing so hard!  The rest of the afternoon included The Great Movie Ride, a Car Stunt Show, the Rock ‘n’ Roll roller coaster, and one more ride on the Tower of Terror.  I love roller coasters, but I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest on the Rock ‘n’ Roll roller coaster and the Tower of Terror.

Car Stunt Show Tower of Terror

We saved the best for last-another ride on the Tower of Terror.  We wanted all of you to experience the thrill with us.  The second video is for sound purposes only.  Listen closely and you can hear us laughing and screaming, but pay special attention to Ron!

We hope you enjoyed this special blog dedicated to our great director, Ron Springs!

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Camp Crestridge Funny Video Clips

Posted by Karah

Over the years Camp Crestridge has built many traditions, including Council of Progress, sockwar, and singspiration.  Another activity that has grown into tradition here at Crestridge is hiking it over to the Nibble Nook for ice cream each Sunday evening.  And with that many girls crammed into one space getting hyped up on sugar anything can happen.  As videographer, it’s part of my job to help make things happen and to capture it on video…which is what the first video clip is about.  As for the second video, it’s a little glimpse into a Cherokee village activity.  I love it when the girls get messy and especially when it’s in the face!  Hope you enjoy watching these as much as I do.

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