Off Season=Construction

Posted by Sharon

New CabinThis is our second year to do major construction at Crestridge.  During the off season, our goal is to renovate the existing cabins.  What a huge and exciting project!  Starting within the next couple weeks, there will be a construction crew coming in to clear some land behind the Cheyenne and Choctaw cabins so they can extend the cabins.  Then for every cabin they will replace all the floors, then the roofs, then onto moving the bathrooms, then building new decks and more.  Eventually, all the existing cabins will look like the new ones we had this past summer.  The cool thing is that we are not tearing the walls down but building around them.  Unfortunately you will not be able to sign on the new walls, but the heart of the cabin will remain. We will be sure to post videos and pictures of the construction to show you the progress.

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Spilman Timbers

Posted by Phil

Look at the size of these logs! These are the timbers that will support the new addition to Spilman! Using Chainsaws, nails, and hammers, the men muscled these hefty supports into place. They look impressive already…only making us more excited to see the finished product! More pictures soon…

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New Staff Cabin – Apache

Posted by Phil

Back when I was an Apache we didn’t have the new fancy Apache bathhouse. Our old bathhouse was in the bottom half the two story Apache Cabin…connected to Cabin 3. Well, Marty has spent weeks renovating this old bathhouse. He is turning it into a brand new Staff Cabin. The Apache TL and a few other Central Staffers will be the first to live in the cabin with new walls and a new ceiling. They will be living in perhaps the nicest bedroom in camp. Although it’s still a construction zone, you can see Marty’s project is coming together! We have a few more buildings breaking ground soon. Be sure to check back for those pictures.

I have also posted here a picture showing the progress on the new Shawnee Cabin! They have the pillars finished and they are in the process of filling them with concrete. The floors system will start going in tomorrow! Things are moving along…and should be ready for you this summer! More details and pictures coming soon…

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Snow at Camp…in October!

Posted by Phil

We woke up to an unexpected white blanket of snow today at Camp Ridgecrest! Well maybe less of a blanket and more of a dusting. Either way, it’s cool to see Camp Ridgecrest with snow on the ground. Thought you may want to take a peek, so here you go!

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