Mad Gab Answers from the Newsletter-Starring Ron Springs

Posted by Karah

We had a really fun time making these Mad Gabs for you, and we hope that you all had a fun time trying to figure them out! Here are the answers!

sick tea sec tent some her-(62nd Summer)
kin go fudge uncle-(King of The Jungle)
Knit bowl nook Eye scream par lore-(Nibble Nook Ice Cream Parlor)
bar sand star sand on her bands-(Bars and Stars and Honor Bands)
The leigh pave eight hand jive ants wing– (The Leap of Faith and Giant Swing)
purse safer rinse-(Perseverance)
Rat tails neck mound hand of her knight-(Rattlesnake Mountain Overnight)
Chair rock he sand chipper was-(Cherokees and Chippewas)

Check out this video of Ron trying to figure out the answers to one of the Mad Gabs.

Let us know if you all came up with any fun Mad Gabs of your own!

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Crestridge in the Fall

Posted by Karah

Wow! We love this new fall view of the Ridge stairs! What other things at camp would you like to see during the fall and winter?


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Staff Applications 2016

Posted by Karah

11990609_10156061782340188_1644115270679078391_nStaff applications for 2016 are OPEN!

This is not your average summer job. Apply today to work at Camp Crestridge for Girls, summer 2016!

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This Month’s Honorable Mention…

Posted by Karah

Due to the overwhelming number of entries, we have decided to share just a few more of our favorite pictures. If you like these posts, then stay tuned because next month’s assignment is even better!

The Cothrans show their camp pride. Mr. Cothran claims that shirt is from 1971, unfortunately our records don't go back that far

Ben Silvious and Ron arrrrr crazy about camp!

Wilson Bullington Shows off Camp Ridgecrest in Rome, Italy.

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Winners coming soon…Will you be one?

Posted by Karah

Alright folks, this month’s secret mission is coming to a close soon. You have until Monday the 18th to get those pictures in. So far we have had some great submissions, both from campers and staff. And since the deadline is quickly approaching, any camper or staffer that includes Ron Springs in their picture will get extra points! That’s right, you get a picture with you in a camp t-shirt standing beside our esteemed director, you will instantly be rocketed to top of the submission pile. It is not too late to enter! Now get out there and show us your camp spirit!

In the meantime, here are some of our favorite submissions thus far…

Cari Phillips is Chillin' like a Cherokee

Mary Massey helps out at an orphanage in Russia

Some of your favorite boys' and girls' camp staffers went to the Mississippi State vs Georgia Football Game

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Assignments Have Arrived…

Posted by Karah

Ridgecrest’s own Marty Quinn brings you the October installment of the Secret Mission Contest. He’s taken a break from fixing camp to bring you, dear viewer, your first opportunity to win some great Ridgecrest/Crestridge prizes. This month’s entries are in the running for a FREE T-SHIRT as well as some other sweet swag. Remember, submissions are due Monday, October 15th and all pictures should be sent to Hunter Barnhardt at RHBARNHARDT@GMAIL.COM. Have fun and bring out all the creativity you can.

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April’s Free Store Winner!

Posted by Karah

We want to send out a big Congratulations to this month’s Free Store Winner- Keller Anderson.  Because of Keller’s wonderful commenting she will be munching on some yummy Peanut Butter M&Ms and washing them down with a cool, refreshing swig of Cheerwine- nothing will get you excited about summer quite like that! Keller is so excited about coming back to camp to reunite with some old counselors and friends, as well as see all the new cabins!

Messy Smiles Happy Climbers

Keller will be enjoying life as a Choctaw this summer, and we cannot wait for her and the rest of you to get here!  Remember if you want to receive a Free Store in the mail, all you have to do is comment and your name goes into the drawing.  Summer is approaching quickly, are you getting excited?

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Want to know if your favorite staffer is coming back? Look Here!

Posted by Karah

Camp Ridgecrest Staff 2010Hey guys!

We are extremely excited about our staff for this summer.  We are almost completely done with hiring them.  We have searched all over the country to get the very best staff to hang out with you guys and teach you about Jesus this summer!  So here they are, your 2010 Camp Ridgecrest Staff!

Returning Staff:

Seth Ladd, Andrew Shirley, Sam Pineda, Wayne McLemore, Hunter Barnhardt, Micah Andrews, Tory Singer, Kyle Andrews, Wayne Hines, Eli White, Patrick Streeter, Juan Bowen, Steven Fuller, Brian Hartsfield, Graham Rigby, Jamey Klempin, Stephen Turner, Bryan Galloway, Quinton Stevenson, David Howerin, Jeremy Churchill, Nathan Harvey, Tyler Barrett, Jason Patskoski, Daniel Waldroup, Seth Showalter,  Jeremy Craddock, Matt Stapp, Ben Fritz, Will Blanton, Britton Van Sickle, Justin Westbrooks, Daniel Waldroup, Bryan Melton, Richard Hutchins, Ginny Allgood, Christine Redd, Hillary Hunt, Rebecca Davis, Linzee Long, Kayla Dulhagen

Some Amazing New Staff:

Randall Ausdran, Culby Hinson, Mark Vining, Will Shepard, CJ Milam, Mike Payne, Jordan Keeney, Cade Sherman, Jesse Gysin, Derek Jankowski, Jared Morgan, Will Correll, Adam Nichols, Andrew Willhite, Jimi Bell, Matthew Ennis, Bobby Dalton, Brian Butcher, Nathaniel Burkett, Joshua Ward, Vince Sapp, Matthew McMillan, Logan Wells, Stephen Sloan, Will Thornton, Keatton Van Sickle, Chace Corbett, Seth Ennis, Drew Boggess, Daniel Field, Lydia Marsh, Allyson Basden, Caroline Arledge

Like we said we are very excited about our staffers so far! There will be a few more added here soon.  I hope everyone is getting ready for the summer; there are 68 days until Opening Day IA!! See you soon!

By the way, of course, our fearless leaders, Ron and Phil will definitely be back!

Leave us a comment about these great staffers!

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March Free Canteen Winner!!

Posted by Karah

Congratulations to David Henry!  He is the free Canteen winner for the month of March.  He won a free canteen by commenting on our blog!  So if you want a free canteen delivered to your door, start reading our blog and commenting!  David, your canteen will be at your door soon.   Hope you all are ready for Canteen and everything else this summer; it is just around the corner!

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Another Snowy Day in Ridgecrest

Posted by Sharon

Once again Jack Frost himself has covered our lovely camp with white snow.  This time we received about 6 inches of the white fluffy stuff and are truly enjoying it to the fullest.  Here are some pictures of your home away from home covered in snow:

 Chapel Creek Cheyenne/Choctaw Steps

 Campfire Area Chip/Chick Playground

Also, even through the cold winter days our construction crews are moving along with enthusiasm.  All of the Cheyenne and Choctaw cabins have their siding up, and the Cherokee cabins are getting their new inside walls.  Cherokee 25 seems like a completely new building with a higher ceiling and open floor plans- these changes are so exciting!  Here are a few pictures to show the updated construction with more to come soon.

Cheyenne 11 Looking down Choctaw Hill Cheyenne 12

New walls in Cherokee 25 Back wall of Cherokee 25

Check in soon for more updates and remember to comment for your chance of winning a Free Store!

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