Announcing the “2012 Theme Design” Contest Winer

Posted by Karah

Well, the time has come to announce the winner for our “2012 Theme Design” contest. It was a hard decision, as we had some great submissions! We really enjoyed looking through all of the designs and seeing different perspectives. None of the submissions were actually chosen for the design for our t-shirt, although you may see the winning design around camp this summer, but they did give us some great ideas! So……our winner, for the 2012 Theme Design contest, is …. (drum roll, please) …… Kaitlin Harlow!!!! Click on the link, “The Well” at the end of the post to see the impressive design she created and submitted. The “Honorable Mention” goes to Meghan Hartline! Great job, and thanks to everyone for your participation!!The Well

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Give Him Control

Posted by Melissa

It’s brand new. Silver! It is the hottest car in town. When you put the top down, people can see that you are the driver of the new car everyone is talking about. You drive slowly down Main Street. Your cousin waves you down. He asks to take your car for a spin. You remember all the cars he has dented the past few months. But he is your cousin. He has your best interests in mind, doesn’t he? You offer him the keys.

“Yeah right!” I hear you say as you read this. But don’t we do that all the time? Offer the keys of our heart to a driver who doesn’t have our best interests in mind?

Read Romans 6:12-14. Look again at verse 12.

What does it mean to let sin rule in your body?

How have you seen this play out in your life?

Do you think that your musical tastes or your movie or Internet habits show who reigns in your life? Why or why not?

When friends hear you talk, whom do they suppose rules your heart? Explain.

In the way you speak to your teachers and parents, is it obvious that Christ rules your heart? Why or why not?

Does Christ reign in your study and work habits? Explain.

Think of your heart as a huge parking garage. There are many cars in it, and each one represents an attitude, an activity, or some other facet of your life. Christ died for you so He can drive each one of these cars. But you may have said to Him, “You can drive this old truck but not this sports car.”

The point? If Jesus isn’t in control of every part of your life, He isn’t your King. That’s what today’s Scripture passage is about. If sin is reigning in your life, Christ isn’t in control. What areas of your life are you withholding from Jesus’ control? Give them to Him today!

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Silly Songs….Crestridge Style!

Posted by Karah

You might be fooled and think you will be watching/listening to Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tale’s when this video starts. But alas, this is not the case.  Some Cherokees from 2A 2011 would like to share with you their version of “Silly Songs with Crestridge”.  These Crestridgers give Larry a good run for his money!

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Posted by Melissa

The sunrise this morning took my breath away. Along the horizon there were a few clouds, metallic pink on the backdrop of a pink and yellow sky. A nice cold morning here at camp! The breeze was invigorating. I felt so alive. I knew God was with me.

Read Romans 6:8-11. Notice verse 8.

When do you feel most alive? In nature? With friends? At a worship service?

Are you aware in those moments that God is with you? Why or why not?

Do you think God gives us those moments to remind us of the truth that He is always with us, even when we do not feel Him?

How do you feel knowing God is always with you, living with you?

What does it really mean to live with God?

Are you aware that Christ is with you at school? At the movies? Everywhere? Explain.

How is it that we still are tempted to sin even though we died to sin?

Today’s verse tells us that because we died with Christ to sin He now lives with us. When you live with someone, they know all the very best and the very worst about you. They know what you do and don’t like. They know what buttons to push to make you instantly furious. They know what fills you with happiness.

Christ knows all about you, inside and out, and still loves you thoroughly. As today’s Scripture passage points out, while our sin is the reason for Jesus’ death, we did nothing to bring about the resurrection—yet we get to share in the fruit of it, eternal life. What a miracle! Let that truth sink in today. Live each moment for God!

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Things You Can’t Do Away From Camp

Posted by Karah

Camp is a pretty awesome place.  So awesome, we sometimes wish that things that we only do at camp, we could actually do in “the real world”.  For example, cabin clean up.  I know every single one of you misses those chores you have to do every day and working with 9 other girls and your counselors to help keep that cabin sparkling clean! It can be  some quality bonding time. Okay, so maybe you don’t miss that so much (or maybe you do!)….Check out the video some of our 2011 staff made for some other things that we don’t normally get outside of camp, and probably miss a little more than cabin clean up!

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Sin Doesn’t Have A Hold On You

Posted by Melissa

When you hear the word slave, what picture pops into your head? I see a poorly clothed man or woman who is skinny, bruised, and ashamed. Hands tied behind the back. Head down. Eyes on the floor. There is no hope and no escape in store for him or her.

Read Romans 6:5-7. Pay attention to verse 6.

What comes to mind when you read the phrase “enslaved to sin”?

Do you believe you have been freed from the slavery of sin? Why or why not?

Did you live yesterday like your old self had been crucified with Christ? Explain.

Is there something you would have done differently yesterday if you had remembered you are no longer a slave to sin?

Do you have a habit that you are unable to break even though you have accepted Christ into your life? If you do, consider asking someone you can trust to help you with it.

How will your life be different today by remembering you are free from sin?

The words “for we know” in our passage (v. 6) today are so important. Often that is the reason we stray back to old, sinful habits: we forget what we know. And when we forget, we act as slaves, helplessly doing what our sinful desires demand. We have to remember what we know! We know that our old selves have been crucified with Christ.

I have a ring a dear friend gave me. I wear it to remind me of what I know. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of whom I belong to and how I should honor Christ with my life. Would a symbol help you remember what you know? What will you choose, and what will it remind you of?

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Belle 1B 2011

Posted by Karah

During 1B 2011, 17 girls were tapped out for the Belle challenge by Ashley and Debbye.  Kacey cuda, Grace Valentine, Rachel Spivey, Emily Boggess, Abby Hani, Miranda Andrews, Madeline Gaffney, Hannah Joel, and Hannah Daughtridge all achieved the rank of Trekker.  Heather Francis, Savannah Bowker, Robyn Cothran, Mackenzie Bowlin,  Hannah Norman, Lauren Amos, Morgan Perry, and Mackenzie Bolton achieved the rank of Belle this session.

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2012 Theme Design

Posted by Sharon

Are you getting excited about this summer yet?  It won’t be long till we have campers at camp again!  We’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about our theme for this summer.  We have finally made a decision and it is “The Well”.  The theme verse is John 7:38, “Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.” NLT

We are currently trying to think of a design for our theme.  We are having a little trouble so we’d like your help! From now until Friday, February 17th, we will be accepting submissions for the potential theme design.  The person who submits the best design will win $50 to our clothing store this summer.  We may even put that design on our theme shirt!  You can send submissions to  Submissions can be drawn by hand, designed on a computer, etc.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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You Have Been Rescued From Sin

Posted by Melissa

Read Romans 6:1-4.

Finally, after two months, the helicopter spotted you and rescued you from the tiny, forsaken island! Relief flooded you from head to toe. Last night was the first night you spent back in your own bed.

When the morning sun flooded the room, you opened your eyes. Laid out on a chair were new jeans and a T-shirt in your favorite colors and brands. You smiled. As you got up to put them on, you saw in the trash can the tatters that had been your clothes as a castaway. You pulled them out, smelly and torn. You stared at them fondly for a minute. Then you put them on and walked downstairs.

Crazy? Yes! But not as crazy as living in death and defeat after you have received new life in Christ.

Christ has rescued us from sin and given us a new set of clothes to put on each day. When we get up each day, we have a decision to make. We can reach for old tatters (like an old attitude that constantly reminds you that you aren’t worth anything)—or we can reach for the attitude of Christ that reassures us we are significant because He loves us and has rescued us.

Do you have a favorite attitude that you put on each day? What is it? Now think about what attitude Christ would have you wear instead. You have been rescued from that! Live like it today!

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Miniature Tanks

Posted by Karah

And so it continues….Miniature tanks.  The game that no one can really figure out. The game that for some reason we find entertaining.  The game that gives the participants a reason to crawl on their hands and knees.  The game that has been played on grass, slip ‘n’ slide, wood decks, and other surfaces. The game that makes participants look, honestly, quite funny.  The game that provides on-lookers a humorous picture.  This game is all of these things, and yet it lives on. Bring on Summer 2012!

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