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Crestridge has meant many things to many people over the years. It’s amazing to see how God has used this place and the staff here to impact many lives for His glory! I love seeing the friendships that are formed between our campers and staff and how those friendships continue through the years! One of those people that many staff and kids remember and love seeing each year is Katie Greenwell!

In 2011, we hired Katie as our OAP Assistant to instruct rock climbing. Little did she know that she would still be here 7 years later. Since her first summer, Katie has served as the OAP Director, Discipleship Director, Intern and was hired as our Assistant Director in 2014. Katie’s main responsibility has been hiring and discipling our summer staff. She has done an incredible job in this process.
Over a year ago, God began stirring something inside Katie in which she could not ignore. We’re sad to announce that Katie will be leaving us after this summer. Even though we’re sad to see her leave, we are excited for how God is going to continue to use her to impact lives for His glory in a different place. Katie will be moving to Starkville, MS to teach 7th grade at Starkville Christian School. Here’s a word from Katie:
This has been quite a year of getting to know Jesus in so many sweet ways. It’s not been an easy year in some ways but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve learned about seeking Jesus, waiting on Him, trusting Him, His love, His provision, His faithfulness, and that it’s all for His glory. The theme from a few years ago has come back to me over and over and over again. We are His. He has bought us with His blood to be His children. Because of that we can trust Him. He gets to call the shots and bring us where He wants us, when He wants to and for the reasons He wants to. In a lot of ways it didn’t make sense to me to leave, but He kept calling me to trust Him and follow Him. Now, I really am so excited to be able to follow Him and teach 7th graders every day! I don’t really know all the details of what my life in Mississippi will look like or lead to, but because I know He is leading and what He has put in my heart, I am pretty pumped!
Here’s a passage that the Lord has used to guide this year…
“Trust in the LORD, and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness. Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him, and He will act.” Psalm 37:3-5
These past 7 years being on summer and full time staff at Crestridge have been some of the sweetest, most impactful years. The relationships the Lord has given me through Crestridge have been some of the sweetest gifts. Getting to know so many of you campers, getting to play with you at camp, visit you at your homes, listen to you, laugh with you, cry with some of you, sing like crazy in the dining hall and during singspiration, talk about life and Jesus with you, and just watching you grow up as beautiful young women has been a highlight of Crestridge life for me. And staff, you have taught me so much and become friends and sisters in Christ. The life on life we’ve had and the work I have seen the Lord do in each of you has blown me away!
The hard thing is that I don’t know what my future summers will look like or if the Lord will bring me back for a whole summer. The best part is that this DOES NOT HAVE TO BE “GOODBYE”, I hope to keep walking with each other even if it might look a little different. And for those of you that know JESUS, HE IS WITH YOU! He is the one who knows you, is with you, loves you far better than any human could! My prayer is that no matter who you know at camp, that Jesus is the BEST to you! I can not wait to spend this summer with each of you enjoying all the things we always enjoy! Hurry up and get here already so we can have the BEST SUMMER EVER!!! And Catawba, y’all gotta teach me everything there is to know about 7th grade life 🙂
We’re so thankful for the time Katie has dedicated and spent here! She will be missed!
Stay tuned for another post tomorrow as we announce who will be stepping into this position!

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5 thoughts on “Big Announcement – Please Read!”

  1. I knew the first time that I met Kati that she was a keeper. I felt strong feelings towards her leadership and how she would impact lives at Camp Crestridge. One thing good about this move, is that she will still be working with children. Another great thing is that teaching school will open up her summers to continue to impact lives at Camp Crestridge. Hopefully God will lead her back summer after summer like he did for me. My adult years at Crestridge for the best of my life! Don’t be sad, be glad because the door will always be open for service at Crestridge.

  2. Katie, we don’t know each other, but if you’re a Crestridge girl then I know you are quality! 🙂 I teach at a school (Bowling Green School) that is in the same association as Starkville Academy (MAIS). I have heard great things about the school and know they provide a great atmosphere in which to teach…not to mention that Starkville is full of some great people. I will keep my eyes peeled for you in case our paths cross…and they probably will! Best of luck to you!

  3. Katie my prayer for you is that God will continue to guide your steps as you follow Him. Thanks for being a camp friend and a Sister in Christ

  4. I love you Co. The lives that you’ve touched over the past 7 years through CC4G are all closer to the Lord because of it. I am a better person because of the friendship that was formed with you at camp, and have been able to love others well because of your example. I’m stoked to see how God continues to use your example and your teaching to bring those around you closer to Him! Hugs Co!

  5. Even though it will be hard not to have my Nutella sister at camp every year (possibly), having you in MS year around is even sweeter!!! I just may have to make more game days!!!
    Starkville isn’t Crestridge, but it is God’s country in MS
    I know God has big things instore for you! In all seriousness, Starkville will be a better place with you there. SCA is getting a treasure that they truly aren’t aware of its worth!
    See you in 2 weeks!!!

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