Construction Keeps Moving Forward

Posted by Karah

Our construction crews are steadily moving forward and making some major progress on the cabin renovations.  The Cherokee cabins all have new walls and ceilings that look absolutely amazing.  Having two toilets and two showers in every cabin sure will make things easier then back in the days when the whole Choctaw Village had to share one Bath House.  The crews have also started to install the showers into the Chippewa and Chickasaw cabins; changes are happening so quickly!  Check out some of the shots of the improvements as well as the saved names section in Cherokee 4.

 Cherokee 1 wall Cherokee 1 Back Wall Cherokee 4 Front Wall

Cherokee 4 Signatures Chippewa 1 Showers

Hope you’re getting as excited about camp as we are, and remember to comment and let us know what you think!

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If You Belong to Him, You Can’t Hide

Posted by Phil

Crestridge friendsHAVE YOU ever wondered why your nose is the way it is? Or maybe why some men never go bald and others have heads as shiny as bowling balls? Why do some women have high cheekbones and others don’t?
The answer lies in genetics. All the things that make you uniquely you—including those things you hate—were passed down to you from your parents, grandparents, and all those family members who came before them. Your genes help tell the story of who you are and to whom you belong.

Read Galatians 5:19-26 and read verses 22-23 out loud a few times.

What are the works of the flesh?
How have you seen your sinful desires fight against the leading of the Spirit?
According to this passage, what is the fruit of the Spirit?

Which fruit of the Spirit do you struggle with the most to express toward others?

How does the fruit of the Spirit help tell the world about whom you belong to?
What does it mean to “live by the Spirit”?

Take a good look at your life. Where do you see the work of the Spirit? In what areas do you need to let Him have more control? What steps will you take to do so?

When Paul was writing to the Galatian Christians all those years ago, he wanted them to recognize the war going on between their sinful desires and the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. He explained to them (and us) that the fruit in our lives points to whom we belong. If our lives are dictated by the desires of our flesh, as Paul put it, then we aren’t in a relationship with Christ. If we know Jesus and the Spirit of God lives within us, it will be obvious. Our lives will be marked by peace, joy, love, gentleness, and all those other laudable qualities. God’s Word is clear: we must live for Christ or live for the world. We can’t live for both. It’s your life that tells the truth. So, what does your life say?

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Samford Staffers Sing for You

Posted by Karah

This past week I was able to travel throughout Mississippi and Alabama in order to recruit some amazing college students to serve on staff for the upcoming summer.  I made stops at Auburn University, Mississippi College, Mississippi State, Samford University, and the University of North Alabama.  Not only did I get to meet some really great people who were interested in camp, but I was also able to reunite and visit with some of our staff from previous summers.  While at Samford we decided to celebrate the time together by enjoying 2 of Crestridge’s favorite pastimes: eating ice cream and singing camp songs while standing on chairs.  Lauren Lunceford, Leanna Cannafax, Brooke Crutchfield, Laura Edwards, Keaghan Glassmyer, Jenn Debrecht, and Taylor Pierce show their Crestridge pride as they sing Kitty Kitty Kitty for all of you.

Join in the fun at home by sharing your favorite camp song with your friends and family in true Crestridge fashion!

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Pick Your Favorite Hat

Posted by Sharon

Hey all you Crestridgers, we need your help!  Every summer we try and come up with some awesome t-shirts, sweatpants, jackets, waterbottles, and other items that you can purchase at the Camp Store.  We love seeing you girls show camp spirit all year round!  Well, this year we want your input.  We are trying to choose a hat for this upcoming summer and have narrowed the field down to 3 choices. 

Option 1- This hat is a more of a street-savvy style that you all can most definitely rock (please know that the UCLA will be replaced with Crestridge):

option 1

Option 2- A fun neon version of the Trucker Hat:

Option 2

Option 3: A basic and simple, yet totally awesome hat:

Option 3

Let us know which one you like the best.  Also, if you have an idea of something you would like to see in Crestridge Store- tell us!  We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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Hate Is a Strong Word

Posted by Phil

Crestridge CampfireGETTING YOUR WISDOM TEETH pulled. Getting ditched by your friends at school or in your cabin. Having your heart ripped out and stomped on by your recent crush. These are definitely situations that you don’t look forward to experiencing. It doesn’t matter if the pain is physical or emotional. We want to avoid it, minimize it, or get rid of it. What is the most painful experience you have had?

Read John 15:18-22. Reflect on verse 18.

What did Jesus say would happen if you follow Him?

Why will the world hate you?

What scares you the most about being persecuted for your faith?

What are some ways you try to avoid persecution?

How can you have hope in the midst of persecution?

Jesus never beat around the bush. He told the disciples straight up what would happen if they followed Him: they would face persecution. When you live a life dedicated to and on fire for Jesus, you can be sure that you will suffer for your faith. The world hates you! (Heartwarming, huh?) It hates you because of whose you are. You see, the world hates Jesus with a passion, and you belong to Him. But He knows what you are going through because He has already experienced it. You can trust Him to give you the strength to endure. Are you looking forward to the pain that following Jesus will bring? Probably not, but you can look forward to the day that Jesus wraps His arms around you and says, “Well done.” Remember: your suffering is only temporary; glory is forever.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Suffering

Posted by Phil

Crestridge Slide“HOW MANY TIMES DO I have to tell you?” “If I had a quarter for every time I told you how to do that, I would be rich.” Do these statements sound familiar? Sometimes we just don’t get it, even though something has been explained to us over and over. It just doesn’t click. What is something you just don’t get?

Read Mark 10:32-40. Read verse 39 aloud.
What did James and John ask Jesus?
What was Jesus’ response?

What cup was Jesus going to drink? (What was going to happen to Him?)

What kind of persecution do followers of Christ experience today?
In what ways have you experienced persecution for following Jesus?

If you were to live more boldly for Jesus, what persecution would you experience?

The disciples—how much they remind me of myself! Jesus had told them very specifically what was going to happen to Him, and their only concern was sharing in His greatness. They wanted to rule beside Him in a place of honor. They didn’t get it! They didn’t get that Jesus was going to be persecuted, suffer, and die. They didn’t get that anyone who boldly follows Jesus will also experience persecution and suffering.

Whenever you wholeheartedly live for Jesus, it will offend the world, and you will suffer for your faith. It’s a guarantee! However you are also guaranteed that Jesus loves you, is with you, and will one day reward your faithfulness. That is something Jesus doesn’t mind telling you over and over again. Make sure you
get it!

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Congratulations to Kayla Jamison-January Winner of Free Store

Posted by Sharon

We have a new Winner!! Kayla Jamison has been a faithful follower of our blog and her enthusiasm has paid off because she is our January Winner!  Kayla will soon be munching on her Snickers bar and washing it down with a refreshing Sprite.  This past summer Kayla was able to be apart of the Chickasaw Village, and her favorite activity was Messy Games!  We can’t wait to see Kayla and everyone else back at camp this summer, and remember if you would like to receive a yummy Free Store in the Mail you have to comment, comment, and comment some more!


trio of smiles Silly Smiles

We choose a winner each month, so be sure to comment all throughout this month and maybe you could be the February Winner.  If chosen, we’ll get your order and send to you a Care Package filled with your choice of goodies!

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Another Snowy Day in Ridgecrest

Posted by Sharon

Once again Jack Frost himself has covered our lovely camp with white snow.  This time we received about 6 inches of the white fluffy stuff and are truly enjoying it to the fullest.  Here are some pictures of your home away from home covered in snow:

 Chapel Creek Cheyenne/Choctaw Steps

 Campfire Area Chip/Chick Playground

Also, even through the cold winter days our construction crews are moving along with enthusiasm.  All of the Cheyenne and Choctaw cabins have their siding up, and the Cherokee cabins are getting their new inside walls.  Cherokee 25 seems like a completely new building with a higher ceiling and open floor plans- these changes are so exciting!  Here are a few pictures to show the updated construction with more to come soon.

Cheyenne 11 Looking down Choctaw Hill Cheyenne 12

New walls in Cherokee 25 Back wall of Cherokee 25

Check in soon for more updates and remember to comment for your chance of winning a Free Store!

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Live By Example

Posted by Melissa

WHAT DO MILEY CYRUS and Kobe Bryant have in common? They are role models for thousands of teens. Girls try and dress like Miley, and boys try and shoot like Kobe. Who wouldn’t want to trade places with them for a day? Just the thought of thousands of fans screaming your name is a rush. With which famous person would you be pumped to trade places?

Read Matthew 20:20-28 and memorize verse 28.
 Who came to Jesus? Why?
 What was Jesus’ response?
What was Jesus’ requirement for greatness?
 How did Jesus model servanthood?
Whom do you have a hard time serving? Why?
How would Jesus want you to serve that person this week?

Mothers want the best for their kids. James and John’s mother was no different. After all, they were some of Jesus’ best friends. Believing Jesus to be the Messiah who would set up an earthly kingdom, she wanted recognition and honor for her boys—yet Jesus told her sons to live as servants.

Jesus’ response was not expected. The most amazing thing about the whole conversation was that Jesus used Himself as a role model. He wasn’t asking His disciples to do anything that He wasn’t doing or going to do, including laying down His own life so that all could be saved. When you are looking for someone to model your life after, don’t look at celebrities. Look at the cross.

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