MONTHLY ARCHIVES: September 2012

Welcome Back the Question of the Week!

Posted by Karah

The “Question of the Week” is back! Beginning in October, we will be posting a new question every Thursday at 4PM and revealing the answer to each question on Friday at 4PM.  It can be trivia about camp or even a picture of something in camp for you to identify. Hold on, it gets even better! The last Thursday of every month you will have the opportunity to win prizes for answering the question that week.  Everyone who answers the question for that week correctly will be entered in a drawing for whatever prize we are giving away.  So put on your thinking caps and be on the lookout next week for the first question!

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A Plan for You

Posted by Sharon

Before you were born, your parents wondered what you would be like. After your birth, they watched you grow and figured out your likes and dislikes. As you started making friends, your personality blossomed. By now, all your relatives, teachers and neighbors have a solid grasp on who you are and who you are not.

But did you know that God knew you completely BEFORE you were born?

Read Jeremiah 1:1-5 to learn more. Focus on verse 5.

What do you think it means to be “set apart”?

Why is it important to recognize God had plans for Jeremiah before he was even born?

What are some of the plans you think God has for your life? Explain.

How does knowing that God knows you and has a unique design for your future affect the way you live your life today? Explain.

The Point

Long before your parents had even an inkling of your existence, God was drawing up the blueprints for your life. He made great plans for you—and He wants to put them into action.

Take Action
Take stock of your life. Are you trying to plan your own life or are you trusting God to show you His plans? Explain.
List three steps you’ll take this week to let God have absolute control of your life and your plans for the future.

Behind the Story

According to the opening verses of his book, Jeremiah was the son of a priest and lived in Anathoth, about three miles northeast of Jerusalem. Jeremiah’s career as a prophet began during the thirteenth year of King Josiah’s reign. Jeremiah was probably born around 650-645 B.C. during King Manasseh’s rule, meaning he was probably young and unmarried at the time God called him into prophecy. Despite being mocked, scorned, ignored, and rejected throughout his ministry, Jeremiah continued to faithfully proclaim God’s judgment on Judah and Jerusalem.

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Highlights from 1B 2012

Posted by Karah

Feeling the end of Summer blues now that Fall is here?  Here are some highlights from 1B to help you transition from Summer into Fall.

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Ragan Is Here!

Posted by Karah

I am excited to announce that Ragan has arrived to camp and ready for the year!  Ragan is from Waverly, Tennesee and just graduated from Liberty University.  This will be her fourth summer at Crestridge.  In the past she has served as a Cheyenne counselor and the Cheyenne Village Director.  Her favorite thing about camp is making new friends and seeing old ones.  After taking this past summer off from camp to spend time in India she is super excited to be at camp all year long and about seeing all of you next summer!

We are so thankful to have Ragan here as our Intern!

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No Pride

Posted by Melissa

It’s the cocky guy who has a “better-than” attitude and pushes you around. It’s the popular girl who wields her power, crushing you when you try to get in her way.

You’ve seen these characters portrayed throughout pop culture in films and books. The reality, though, is that you know people just like them. Pride is at the core of who they are.

Read over Romans 12:13-16, paying close attention to verse 16.

How are you encouraged to treat others—especially those who create conflict with you—in these verses?

What does it mean to pursue hospitality? How will you do so this week?

With whom in your life are you not in agreement? What steps will you take so that you are?

How have you seen your own pride get in the way of resolving a conflict?

In a culture that tells you, “You’re number one in your life, and no one else matters,” pride is quick to jump in the front seat when you’re facing conflict with someone else head-on. In verse 16, Paul says three very important things that are extremely opposite of what you’ve been told:

• Live in harmony.

• Don’t be arrogant.

• Don’t be a know-it-all. Be humble.

Based on that, here’s a new and improved role you can play: drop the pride, take on humility, and reach out to the ones you disagree with. That’s bound to get people talking!

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We’re Up to 26

Posted by Sharon

It’s official!  We are now going to have 26 cabins at Crestridge!  Starting this fall, we’ll begin building a new cabin on Cherokee Hill just down from Cherokee 21.  Cherokee is the first village to fill up and has long waiting lists for each session.  By building this cabin, we’ll now be able to accommodate 60 campers each session in the Cherokee village.  We are so thankful for God’s blessings on Crestridge and that He has provided us with the campers to fill another cabin!  We’ll keep you posted through the year as we start construction.

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Let Love Lead

Posted by Melissa

Your family is probably perfect. I’m sure no one ever fights. There’s never any tension. I’ll bet you’re a “Brady Bunch” look-alike, right?

I didn’t think so. None of us look like that. All families are flawed—even Christian families. But what makes a healthy family is that Jesus is the foundation, the love is unconditional, and the forgiveness flows freely.

Read Romans 12:9-12, and zone in on verse 10.

What do these verses teach you about how Christians should treat other believers and non-Christians?

What does it mean to “show family affection” to others?

How can you outdo someone in showing honor?

How often do you display genuine love to those you know? Explain.

What does it mean to be fervent in the spirit? Are you?

How have you rejoiced in hope? Been patient in affliction? Been persistent in prayer?

What did God teach you through those times?

There wasn’t a specific rhyme or reason to Paul’s list of love in Romans 12. But one thing is for sure—he started by making a bold statement. I love how the New Living Translation phrases it: “Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them.” What he really means is: don’t be fake; instead, love others like you would your own family. It’s not as easy as it sounds, right? It is easier to avoid the unlovable and dismiss those you don’t like. But here’s what you need to understand: the love Paul talks about isn’t the kind you can produce on your own; rather, it’s the kind that can only come from Jesus and is funneled through you. Stop and ask God to give you that kind of love. Let it be your guide!

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2012 Photo Book Now Available

Posted by Sharon

For the past several summers, our Photographer has created a photo book as a way to remember the summer in photos!  These books can be found in our Crestridge Museum.  Our photo book from 2012 is now available.  If you would like to view and/or purchase the book, click on the following link –

There are different sizes available which means there are different price options.  A special thanks goes to Jackie Long, our 2012 Photographer.  She did a great job putting this together!

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Be The Bigger Person

Posted by Melissa

“Choose your battles.” You’ve probably heard that before, right? I’ve picked some battles that were totally worth it, and I’ve picked some that have sent me down in flames.

This is what I learned: unless it affects the moral character and integrity of someone or some situation, or unless it has an impact on God’s bigger story of eternity, then it’s probably not worth going to bat for.

Can you think of a disagreement you’ve put on your boxing gloves for? How about something you chose to walk away from? Go through those scenarios again. How could you have done things differently?

Take a look Genesis 13:8-12. Focus in on verses 8-9.

Why do you think Abram took the high road and worked to resolve the conflict quickly?

Do you work to resolve conflicts quickly? Why or why not?

Whom do you identify with more—Abram or Lot?

When you’re faced with a conflict, do you ever choose to be the bigger person? Why or why not?

Are you someone who seems to incite conflict or quell it? Explain.

Plotting out land ownership wasn’t a hill Abram wanted to die on. Even though he was the one in authority, Abram took the high road.

When things get heated, it’s easy to get mixed up in the hype. But being the bigger person is more than just forfeiting and letting the other person win. Abram was able to let it go because he knew God would provide for his future and bless his faith, regardless of the outcome. Do you trust God with the outcome of your conflict? Someone has to be the bigger person in a disagreement and let it go, or it can get ugly—really ugly. Let that person be you.

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