Retro Friday: An Aerial View

Posted by Sharon

We have an areal photo of Crestridge that was taken in April of 1956.  During the first summer, we did not have all that we do now.  As you saw last week, the Dining Hall was being built.  There was no gym.  They didn’t have all the cabins we have now.  There was no Bear Trap, Store, or even Riflery Range.  Take a look at this picture and find all the things that have changed through the years (if you click on the picture, it will get bigger):

If you start at the bottom of the picture, the gate is past the Lodge instead of before it.  There is no Kitchen Boys’ House, Horseback Cabin, Small Riding Ring, Landsports Hut, Store, Chapel, Crafts Building, Zipline, Slide, Blob, Gym, Cherokee Cabins, and the list goes on.  The one cabin you see on Cherokee Hill started out as Arvine Bell’s house.  We’ll talk more about that cabin in a later post.  Something else that is interesting is the amount of “dead” space behind the lake towards the green.  All the tall trees we have were not grown yet.  You could see the mountains behind the lake.

We had the opportunity to take some aerial photos of camp in 2008 just before the new cabins and Bear Trap were added.  These pictures didn’t turn out as good because there were still too many leaves on the trees, but you can see how much camp has grown since the beginning.

We sure do have a lot to be thankful for!

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Posted by Phil

We are big on rights in this country, as we should be. Even at Camp Crestridge we feel like it is our right to do certain things or have certain opportunities. However, there is something that supersedes rights in the kingdom of God—moving the gospel forward.

Read 1 Corinthians 9:1-12. Concentrate on verse 12.

What was Paul upset about in this passage?

Why is it important to provide for ministers and missionaries?

How can you help those in the ministry this week? This doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary assistance!

How could the message of Christ have been hindered by Paul demanding the people provide for him?
What’s more important, having material possessions or spreading the message of Christ? Explain. How do you show this in your life?
What rights do you need to give up in order to share Christ’s love with others?

Unless you work at a church or are a missionary, this passage may be one you routinely skim over. Maybe you think, What does pay for ministers have to do with me? This passage reflects a bigger truth, though. Paul was describing a God-given right that he had. According to God, he was entitled to provision from the people to whom he was ministering. That should sound familiar to you. As Americans, we defend, protest, and write our legislators, all in the effort to claim what is ours! But Paul refused to use this right. He chose to go without so that the message of Christ could be proclaimed. Wow. What a shift in perspective! How could you go without something you deserve this week in order to honor God? Are you willing to make that sacrifice?

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Retro Friday Begins

Posted by Sharon

The first summer at Camp Crestridge was 1955 which means we’ve celebrated 57 summers!  That is a lot of history, pictures, stories, etc.  We’d like to show you what camp was like “back then”.  Every Friday, we are going to post a blog that will highlight different parts about camp through the years.

Today’s focus is the beginning of the Dining Hall.  Did you know that when camp began in 1955, the Dining Hall wasn’t even built yet?  The campers and staff had to put their dresses on and walk to the Ridgecrest Conference Center to eat every meal.  And remember, the roads weren’t paved yet.  They had to walk on the dirt roads.  How would you like to do that now?

As you can see, these pictures are of the Dining Hall being built after camp began.  Sometimes it is hard to imagine what camp was like before all the buildings were here.  We are thankful for the way God has provided for us and grown camp through the years!

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2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

Posted by Sam

The fall is here. It’s October. It’s almost Halloween. That can only mean one thing here at Camp Crestridge. It is time for our Second Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest! The rules are very simple: Carve a pumpkin and design it with camp in mind. You could base it on an activity, a building, a landmark, a person or whatever you want that reminds you of camp. Once you have carved your pumpkin, you can submit your entries by e-mail to Good carvings will be posted on the blog for everyone to see. One lucky winner will be awarded a free store sent to your house from camp. Pumpkins will be judged on creativity, difficulty and style. Submissions are due by Monday, October 31 and the winner will be announced November 1.

Below are a few examples of the winners from last year’s competition. Good luck and get carving!

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Liberty and justice for all?

Posted by Phil

Read 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. Take note of verse 11.

We were all once enslaved to sin, but thankfully we don’t have to stay that way! A change can be made through the power of Christ. This is the good news we are to share with others.

Read 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. Take note of verse 11.

How do you stand up to the list given in verses 9-10? With what
do you struggle?

What does it mean to be “washed,” “sanctified,” and “justified”?
How does it make you feel to
know that as a Christ follower you are no longer guilty before God?
Do you believe that all sins are equal? Why or why not?

Do you think someone can continue to struggle with a sin and yet be a believer? For example, can an alcoholic or homosexual ever be a Christ follower?

What about someone who is selfish or who talks negatively? Why or why not?

Often, verses 9-10 serve as a “Do Not Enter” sign posted on church doors. So-called believers point to homosexuals or drug addicts and say “There’s no room for you here until you get your life straight.” They withhold the life-changing message of Christ from those they deem unworthy. Yet how many Christ followers are guilty of continued disobedience in other areas like greed or gossip? There is no double standard with Christ. Everyone is guilty before God, and anyone who accepts His gift of love and mercy will become justified in His sight. Only Jesus can take away your sin and free you from its burden. Jesus can change lives. Be careful not to withhold His gracious gift from others.

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I Pledge Allegance to…

Posted by Phil

Read 2 Peter 2:15-19. Focus on verse 19.

Some people in the world say they find freedom in doing whatever they want to do. They tout their lifestyle as real freedom, but in reality they are enslaved by it.
Read the story of Balaam (Num. 22:22-35). Why do you think Peter mentioned this story?

-Have you ever been promised something only to realize you didn’t get what you were guaranteed? How did that make you feel?

-Why do you think people try to get others to commit the same kind of bad choices they make?
Have you ever been guilty of this? Explain.

-What gives you a sense of freedom? Why?

-To what do you feel enslaved? Explain.

-Do you think Christ has the power to free you from sin? How do you make that belief a reality?

A lot of people think Christianity is about a list of do’s and don’ts; they believe serving God means giving up freedom. Don’t be fooled! The truth is everyone is slave to something. People end up serving many different masters. Maybe it’s an addiction, like drugs or porn. Or maybe it’s the desire for academic achievement or the need for others’ approval. Whatever becomes the focus of your life is what enslaves you. That’s the point of today’s verses. The false teachers said their message brought freedom, but it only brought corruption and defeat.

So you have a choice: do you pledge allegiance to self and sin and the consequences that go with it, or do you choose to serve Christ instead? What changes will you make this week to make Christ the ruler of your life?

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Remembering the Past

Posted by Sharon

As you may know, our beloved Store was recently taken down in order to build a bigger, better Store.  Most of us aren’t aware of what the Store once was.  After digging through old pictures, I found one that reveals its history.

The Store used to be the Staff Lounge back in the day.  This picture was taken in the 1960’s.  It used to be an open room with furniture, books, and the signature pay phone.  According to Anja Cleveland, if a staffer wanted to make a phone call, they had to wait in line and everyone would end up hearing their conversation.   Campers were rarely allowed inside.  As a camper, Rhonda Smith went in only once and that was to give her counselor a perm!

At that time, the clothing was sold in a small building behind the Dining Hall called “The Beehive”.  The small building was where the Crafts building is now.

After the Staff Lounge was moved, it turned into the Store; a place where we currently give out candy and drinks and sell camp clothing.  The Store had a more official name which was “Crestridge Cupboard”.

Before we tore down the Store, we wanted to take out anything salvageable.  This was the last picture taken of the Store.

That building held a lot of memories!  We were sad to see it go, but just wait until you see what is taking its place!  Check back soon to see pictures of the progress.

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The Cost.

Posted by Phil

Read 2 Peter 2:9-14.

Murders. Robberies. Hit-and-run accidents. Have you ever watched the news and been astonished by the things people do with little thought about the consequences ?

But that I-can-do-what-I-want attitude extends to more than heinous crimes; it’s a part of our everyday lives and daily decisions. We think we can say whatever we want, make morally questionable decisions, and choose to live in opposition to God’s standard with little or no consequences.

There’s a problem with that logic. If you are a Christian, then you have submitted your rights to Christ; He has control of your life. There is a standard by which you have been called to live and choosing to live in opposition to it has consequences.

Scripture clearly outlines those consequences, as seen in today’s harshly worded passage. Paul’s words were aimed at false teachers who thought they could do, say, and teach whatever they wanted. Yet Paul said the consequences of their disobedience would destroy them.

As a believer, you may sometimes choose to live in opposition to God’s standard. That doesn’t mean you lose your salvation, but it also doesn’t mean that God erases the consequences of your sin. When you sin, there are always consequences—sometimes devastating ones.

God has called you to more than that. Count the cost of your choices today and choose obedience. Once Christ has freed you from sin, why would you want to go back to it?

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