Dodgeball is Making a Comeback

Posted by Sharon

As you know Seth, Kathleen and Wayne have been our interns throughout this off season.  They don’t stay at camp 24/7 despite what some of you may think.  They like to get out in the community and participate in random events.  One thing we were apart of this Spring is the Black Mountain Dodgeball League.  We played 1 day a week for 6 weeks and played against other teams made up of Black Mountain citizens.  It was so much fun to get out and feel like we were kids again!  We ended the season with a tournament in which we took some video clips.  Take a look!

We actually never won a game which became a running joke, but it was such a fun season!  We’ll get ’em in the fall!

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Oh, Wise One

Posted by Melissa

Mountians around CampYOU CAN’T BELIEVE your friend talked to you like that. It would be easy to call him or her unreasonable, demanding, and selfish. Maybe it was over a game of 4 square, or even a disagreement during cabin clean-up. You didn’t do anything wrong, and you don’t want your friend to get the last word. You could also do the opposite and apologize. But if you do that, are you backing down, giving in, and letting him or her win? Why should you do that? How would you handle this situation?

Read James 3:13-18. Study verse 17.

What are the characteristics of wisdom from above?

What are the good fruits of wisdom?

How do we develop godly wisdom?

Are there times when we shouldn’t comply or show mercy?

Is it possible to avoid favoritism in all situations?

How do you define wisdom? Some would say that if you make a lot of money you must be wise. Others would say that if you are in a powerful position in government, you are probably very wise. Few people look at how others achieve success. They only see the end result.

In James we learn about another kind of wisdom—godly wisdom. People with this kind of wisdom are known for being peaceful, merciful, and treating everyone with respect. They always put others first. They’re known for their gentleness, and their lives are orderly and full of good, godly things, not favoritism or hypocrisy.

What kind of wisdom do you want to have? Earthly wisdom is temporary, but with God’s wisdom, you can make an eternal difference in your life and in the lives of others.

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God Really Does Look at The Heart

Posted by Melissa

Cookout at Camp RidgecrestYOU’RE LOOKING AT YOUR WATCH. The speaker in the school assembly is going on and on. Somehow, you feel like the speaker just loves to hear himself talk. It reminds you of the last concert you attended. The outfit the singer wore was so weird! It’s obvious when someone wants to be the center of attention. Does this ever happen at church? Or what about Camp?

Read Mark 12:38-40. Pay attention to verse 40.

Why did Jesus warn against scribes in the marketplace?

Is it wrong for religious leaders to seek recognition? Explain.

What did Jesus mean when He said that scribes “devour widows’ houses”?

What do these verses teach you about God’s attitude toward our motives?

When have you found yourself doing something good, even something godly, but your actions were fueled by a desire for recognition?

Why is that kind of worship, love, or service not what God wants?

If you have grown up in church, you may remember being in awe when you listened to long prayers or heard solos ending in high notes. When does public recognition overshadow a heart for worship? Jesus warned us about those who are only involved in religious practices to garner the praise of others. There will be judgment for that kind of motive.
What about you? Do you attend worship because you love God or because you want to meet the expectations of others? If your friends didn’t attend Bible study, would you still be involved? We will grow in our faith when we desire a deeper relationship with God. Take time to examine your motivation, and spend time in prayer. God will meet you there.

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Want to know if your favorite staffer is coming back? Look Here!

Posted by Karah

Camp Ridgecrest Staff 2010Hey guys!

We are extremely excited about our staff for this summer.  We are almost completely done with hiring them.  We have searched all over the country to get the very best staff to hang out with you guys and teach you about Jesus this summer!  So here they are, your 2010 Camp Ridgecrest Staff!

Returning Staff:

Seth Ladd, Andrew Shirley, Sam Pineda, Wayne McLemore, Hunter Barnhardt, Micah Andrews, Tory Singer, Kyle Andrews, Wayne Hines, Eli White, Patrick Streeter, Juan Bowen, Steven Fuller, Brian Hartsfield, Graham Rigby, Jamey Klempin, Stephen Turner, Bryan Galloway, Quinton Stevenson, David Howerin, Jeremy Churchill, Nathan Harvey, Tyler Barrett, Jason Patskoski, Daniel Waldroup, Seth Showalter,  Jeremy Craddock, Matt Stapp, Ben Fritz, Will Blanton, Britton Van Sickle, Justin Westbrooks, Daniel Waldroup, Bryan Melton, Richard Hutchins, Ginny Allgood, Christine Redd, Hillary Hunt, Rebecca Davis, Linzee Long, Kayla Dulhagen

Some Amazing New Staff:

Randall Ausdran, Culby Hinson, Mark Vining, Will Shepard, CJ Milam, Mike Payne, Jordan Keeney, Cade Sherman, Jesse Gysin, Derek Jankowski, Jared Morgan, Will Correll, Adam Nichols, Andrew Willhite, Jimi Bell, Matthew Ennis, Bobby Dalton, Brian Butcher, Nathaniel Burkett, Joshua Ward, Vince Sapp, Matthew McMillan, Logan Wells, Stephen Sloan, Will Thornton, Keatton Van Sickle, Chace Corbett, Seth Ennis, Drew Boggess, Daniel Field, Lydia Marsh, Allyson Basden, Caroline Arledge

Like we said we are very excited about our staffers so far! There will be a few more added here soon.  I hope everyone is getting ready for the summer; there are 68 days until Opening Day IA!! See you soon!

By the way, of course, our fearless leaders, Ron and Phil will definitely be back!

Leave us a comment about these great staffers!

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Spring Time and Paint

Posted by Karah

It’s finally Springtime here at Crestridge, all the flowers are blooming, the sky is especially blue, and the only thing missing is all of your smiling faces!  Our construction crews are finishing up the little details to the cabins which included the painting of the outside walls.  Everything looks so fresh and it sure is getting us pumped up about spending the summer with all of you, so get here already!  Here are some pictures of Crestridge in the Springtime, enjoy!

Chickasaw 8 and 9 with their new paint job. Chippewa 1's new door! Empty Playground

Cherokee Hill with new paint! Spring Flowers

Less than 60 days until the first set of campers come for Summer 2010!  We are so excited, are you getting ready?  Post a comment and share with others how you survive without camp as the summer continues to get closer!

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March Free Canteen Winner!!

Posted by Karah

Congratulations to David Henry!  He is the free Canteen winner for the month of March.  He won a free canteen by commenting on our blog!  So if you want a free canteen delivered to your door, start reading our blog and commenting!  David, your canteen will be at your door soon.   Hope you all are ready for Canteen and everything else this summer; it is just around the corner!

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March’s Free Store Winner!

Posted by Karah

The Big Winner for our March Free Store Drawing is none other than Allison Bunce!  Thanks to Allison’s comments on our Blog she will be receiving her very favorite Store choices: a Hershy’s Bar and Pibb Extra, in the mail soon!  We hope this little snack will hold you over until you can get to camp this summer and enjoy it on a daily basis.  Allison will be coming back this summer to the mighty Choctaw Village and enjoy her favorite skill: Choir!

Jump Muddy Love Messy Smiles

Remember, if you want a Free Store in your mailbox at home you have to comment, and maybe next month you could win!  Summer’s getting closer, HOORAY!!

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Love, Love, Love.

Posted by Melissa

Dinner at CrestridgeNO RUNNING IN THE HALL. Don’t litter on school property. No standing on the bus. No cell phones or iPods at camp. No double-blobbing.

Rules, rules, rules. Sometimes, it seems like our entire day at school or time at camp is spent following rules (or listening to someone enforce them). What is the purpose of all these rules, anyway? Some would say they are for the health and safety of the students and staff. What about God’s rules? What is the purpose of the guidelines found in the Bible?

Read Galatians 5:13-15, focusing on verse 14.

What does it mean that we have freedom as believers?

Who is your neighbor?

Is it possible to love someone if you don’t even like them? Explain.

How does loving people fulfill all of God’s laws?

According to these verses, what are the consequences of not loving others?

It’s a simple concept. If you love God and love others, you are meeting all of God’s requirements. Understand this: God is love, and His principles for living are based on love. As Christians, others should see love when they look at our lives. Jesus spent His life on earth showing love to people and ultimately loving us enough to die for our sins. We can continue to communicate His love by giving of ourselves in service to others.

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It’s time for 2-Square

Posted by Sharon

About a month ago, the 2-square court was free of snow and calling our names.  We took a break and went outside to play and get warmed up so we can take you on this summer!  Here’s a look at the first 2-square game of 2010!

Can’t wait for you all to get here and play 2 and 4-square with us!

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Lake Ridgecrest to the Rescue!!

Posted by Karah

You will not believe what happened yesterday.  A couple of forest fires were started around the area and needed some water to help put them out, well of course Ridgecrest was there to help!  The firefighter helicopters came and dipped water out of Lake Ridgecrest to dump on the fire.  (Don’t worry we are saving enough for camp, the blobs are fine)  Here is a video of the coolness that was the day at Camp Ridgecrest.  Narrated by none other than me, Seth Ladd.   Hope you enjoy.

So that is what a normal day is like when you guys aren’t here, ok just kidding, this is NOT normal!!

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